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3D animation film Tomorrow premieres on Deepto TV

  • Published at 12:59 am November 27th, 2019
A scene from Tomorrow | Courtesy

One can’t but admire the writers Nasimul Hasan and Ahmed Khan Hirok, who based the screenplay on an idea given by the producers

Bangladeshi 3D animation film Tomorrow will have its world premiere on Deepto TV on Friday, at 7pm. This 25 minute film on raising awareness about climate change had its Bangladesh premiere on November 23 at Deepto TV’s in-house auditorium. 

Among the special guests at the local premiere were State Minister of Information Murad Hassan MP, Deepto TV’s Managing Director Kazi Zahid Hasan, and Director Parvin Hasan. Producers Kazi Jahin Hasan and Kazi Jisan Hasan were also present at the event along with the entire Tomorrow team. 

Directed by Mohammad Shihab Uddin, the animation was done entirely in Bangladesh by the studio Cycore. 

The film follows a little boy, Ratul (Eashan Abdullah), as he discovers the horrors of climate change and devices a way to reverse the process with the help of his supernatural friend Batasher Buro (Old man of the wind, played by Deepak Kumar Goswami). Ratul’s school friends come on board his plans to appeal to the authorities to tax fossil fuels and adapt to clean energy. 

The melting of ice in the north also melts the hearts of the viewers as we see a baby penguin and its mother struggling to stay afloat. The innocent children fighting for the climate reminds us of Greta Thunberg. But this of course could not have been inspired by these recent developments as the film was conceived about five years ago. 

One can’t but admire the writers Nasimul Hasan and Ahmed Khan Hirok, who based the screenplay on an idea given by the producers. However, the humble writers said their job was probably the easiest compared to the hours the rest of the team had to put in. 

Many of the members from Cycore were students under the age of 25, who had to fight their parents to work long hours on a project that probably won’t land them steady careers. Director Shihab urged them to continue on this path, as they have talent and skills to make many more memorable animations. Then we wouldn’t have to train a brand new team every time we need to create another animation. 

The director told the Dhaka Tribune Showtime about the challenges of making this film since receiving its initial script on November 30, 2015.

“It was very challenging to maintain international standard of work,” he said. “We didn’t have a day’s rest from July 20, 2017 till July 31, 2019, the official completion date of the film. The technical challenge of working from scratch was paramount. We had to be creative about how the many locations in this film will look like in a dystopian future and in an alternative utopian one- how will the trees look like, how will Dhaka look like etc.”

The repeat telecast of Tomorrow will be on Deepto TV on Saturday, November 30, at 12:30pm. The tentative YouTube release date of the 3D animated film is December 23.