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Goethe-Institut will present The Metamorphosis in VR at Dhaka Lit Fest

  • Published at 09:12 pm November 4th, 2019
"The Metamorphosis"
The Metamorphosis will be in VR at Dhaka Lit Fest | Courtesy

This experience will transfer Kafka’s work from the pages of the book to virtual-reality (VR)

This year, Dhaka Lit Fest (DLF) visitors can experience Kafka's famous Metamorphosis through virtual reality.

From November 7 to 9, the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh will organize the virtual reality show called, VRwandlung at the Bangla Academy premises during DLF . 

The VR installation's title, VRwandlung is an adaptation of the book's original German title, Die Verwandlung.

The virtual-reality (VR) adaptation of the book will invite  you into the home of the protagonist Gregor Samsa, a travelling salesman who wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a giant insect. 

The experience starts by putting on shoes, gloves – both sensors for the VR – and a VR headset. The tour of Samsa's room in the old town of Prague begins.

Kafka's novella of the giant insect turns into a four-minute experience. There are dozens of objects including the protagonist’s iron bed with rumpled linens, the peeling floral wallpaper, and manuscripts scattered chaotically on the desk. The mirror reflects the image of the viewer as a monstrous insect with long feelers, and a thick shell. The metamorphosis progresses with the help of acoustics, and visual effects.

Mika Johnson, a Finnish-American multimedia artist directed the realistic simulations. For seven weeks, thirty artists, and experts worked on Samsa’s room. 

The impressive VR rendering has been touring across the world, stopping in cities such as Athens, Seoul, and Tokyo since its premiere at the Goethe-Institut Prague last year. 

Now the virtual reality version of the world classic by Franz Kafka will open for the Bangladeshi audiences. 

VRwandlung works for Kafka fans, and for anyone who has never read Kafka. Everyone can interpret it as they wish. What remains is a unique experience of your mind going to a place where your body is not.

Jan Tompkins, member of the VRwandlung team, will be at the Dhaka Lit Fest as a speaker to introduce visitors to the work.