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Team Salman Shah stands at Shahbagh for justice

  • Published at 08:58 pm September 7th, 2019
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The mysterious suicide of Salman Shah happened on September 6, 1996, a mystery that still haunts his innumerable fans, who claim that he was killed | Facebook

Salman Shah's mother Nila Chowdhury is still fighting to this day to uncover the mystery behind her son's death

Friday marked the 23rd anniversary of Bangladeshi actor Salman Shah's untimely and mysterious death, which has not yet been resolved. Since the very beginning, Salman's family members and fans have been calling the death a murder. In that spirit on Friday, Salman Shah's fans formed a human chain at Shahbagh, with the banner Team Salman Shah, demanding justice for the late actor's death.They demanded that the people responsible for Salman Shah's death be brought to justice with capital punishment.

Masud Rana Nakib, founder of  Salman Shah Smriti Sangsad and Team Salman Shah,told reporters: "The fog of mystery surrounding the death of our favourite actor, Salman Shah, has not dissipated. This is frustrating for us. The actor had been subjected to various k inds of politicization right before his death. Many were jealous of his popularity. We believe that it was a planned execution. We seek justice for this murder."

On September 6, 1996, Salman Shah was found hanging from the ceiling fan of his own bedroom, at his Eskaton residence. At the time, the prominent actor's father, Kamaruddin Ahmed Chowdhury, had filed a case citing unnatural death. 

Late Kamaruddin had filed a complaint at CMM court ,questioning the circumstances surrounding his son's death, which he claimed was a murder. That case, which is currently under Police Bureau of Investigations, has still not been resolved. 

His mother Nila Chowdhury is still fighting to this day to uncover the mystery behind Salman Shah's death. 

The 90's heartthrob Salman Shah's real name is Shahriar Chowdhury Emon. He merely acted in 27 films. Most of those films were extremely popular, and commercially successful. Salman's widespread popularity, from working in the films for merely three years, is still considered to be a rare feat in Bangladesh's industry.