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Eid special dramas and dance programs of Deepto TV

  • Published at 06:02 pm August 8th, 2019
Saat Ranger Choonde
Deepto TV will air Saat Ranger Choonde from August 12 to 18 | Courtesy

Deepto TV will air dramas, dance programs and telefilms on the first day of Eid-ul-Azha

Telefilm: Teddy Mostofa

Date: August 12

Time: 6pm

Stars: Shaon, Shehtaz, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Sohel Khan, Munira Akhter Mithu, Saif, Hasan and many others

Premise: The plot concerns a middle class family of old Dhaka. The family consists of five people, with three children. The only son of the family is known as Tedy Mostofa in their neighbourhood. In spite of his local businessman father's dream, Teddy has become spoiled from mixing with the local goons. He has flunked his higher secondary examinations three times but finds respite in his frustrations through his girlfriend. However, tragedy ensues when Tedy's father passes away, and he has to take charge of his middle class family. He also has to seek help from the older brother of his girlfriend who does not approve of his sister's relationship. To see whether Tedy will rise up to the occasion or will break under pressure, watch Deepto TV's Eid special drama 'Tedy Mostofa'

7-episode serial: Bhaijaan

Date: August 12-18

Time: 7pm

Stars: Zahid Hasan, Nabila Islam, Aliraz, Shushoma Suma, Tofa Hasan, Jamil and many others

Premise: The plot of the serial directed by Zahid Hasan concerns two brothers. One is honest and the other is dishonest. It turns out that the society acknowledges the power, wealth and prosperity of the dishonest brother. However, the dishonest one soon comes upon tough times, and his honest brother offers his help. To find out what happens watch the Eid special serial 'Bhaijaan'

7-episode serial: Saat Ranger Choonde

Date: August 12-18

Time: 10:30pm

Details: This dance program is set to feature all the popular dance artistes and models of the country. The program is directed by Evan Shahriar Shohag. Each episode will feature four modern dances. The program will be hosted by Nisa and Palak. And the dancers will be Mehzabien and Shohag, Nadia and Likhon, Chandni, Irin, Achal, Synthia Islam, Mandira, Barish Haque, Parsa Ivana, Mim Chowdhury, Oishee, Nomira, Ruma, Emi, Jolly, Rothi, Himi and many others. The program is produced by Mohammad Imran Ali