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'Feluda: 50 years of Ray's detective' documentary, coming in June

  • Published at 07:29 pm May 31st, 2019
Poster of Feluda: 50 years of Ray's detective

The documentary will also showcase Satyajit Ray as a writer and illustrator

Sagnik Chatterjee's  documentary tribute to Satyajit Ray's immortal character, Feluda, released a new promo on Monday on its official Facebook page. The promo of the film, titled "Feluda: 50 years of Ray's detective," shows it is set to be releases on the silver screen in June. 

The film attempts to capture the 50 year journey of Feluda, ever since the character's first appearance in Bangali Children's magazine, Sandesh, in 1965. The film aims to take audiences across generations in India and abroad, traverse the literary journey, and preserve the heritage for future generations to come.

The documentary will also showcase Satyajit Ray as a writer and illustrator. 

The film had already achieved a lot of accolades ever since its completion in 2017. It was officially selected for screening at the New York Indian Film Festival 2017, SIGNS, Kochi 2017, Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival 2017, Bengaluru Bengali-Kannada Film Festival 2018, Pondicherry International Film Festival 2018, and it was the closing film for the Kolkata International Children’s Film Festival 2018.

Sagnik's journey with the film

In an article by Namrata Joshi in The Hindu, Chatterjee says about Feluda the iconic character: "The first puff of Charminar I took made me feel like I was Feluda myself. I can’t imagine a life without him. He hasn’t been about crime and criminals but something beyond. He was part of our upbringing, a window to knowledge. He shaped me as a human being.”

The article says that Chatterjee "grew up devouring his books, but the mass communication graduate from Symbiosis Institute in Pune also worked with film-maker Sandip Ray on his Feluda films between 2003 and 2009." 

Regarding Chatterjee's big screen debut with the 111 minute-long documentary, he said:“It wasn’t something forced, but an inner compulsion; it just needed to be done.”

Feluda, the sleuth equivalent of Doyle's Sherlock

The fictional Bangali detective is a celebrated character in and outside West Bengal for his qualities of "commitment to uphold social justice for the oppressed."

Feluda has found a place in films, television, radio, comics and music over the last 50 years, since his first appearance in "Feludar Goyendagiri" in Sandesh. the series has been translated into four Indian languages, besides English, French, Italian, Swedish, German, and Japanese.

Revolving around the 27-year-old athletic Pradosh Chandra Mitter, nicknamed Feluda, the novellas showcase the private eye's superb analytical and observational skills to dig out clues that ultimately lead to the solution of mysteries, be they murders, smuggling, theft or kidnapping. 

Feluda is said to have been modelled on Sherlock Holmes. The cigarette-smoking, martial art-trained Feluda is accompanied in his sleuthing pursuits by cousin, Tapesh Ranjan Mitra, or Topshe, who is the narrator of the stories and may have been loosely based on the character of Dr John Watson. Satyajit Ray also brought in a character from his sixth novella onward, called Jatayu (Lal Mohon Ganguly), a writer of thriller novels who provided much-loved comic relief. 

Feluda has a .32 Colt revolver but rarely uses it.