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Top 10 most memorable moments from HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’

  • Published at 05:33 pm May 25th, 2019
King's Landing burning due to Daenerys's wrath
King's Landing burning due to Daenerys's wrath | IMDb

This is the last instalment of a two-part feature series

HBO’s fantasy epic TV saga 'Game of Thrones' has finally ended, and one week has passed since the release of the heartbreaking finale. If you have not watched it, do not wait too long, as people will undoubtedly bombard you with spoilers. Here are the remaining five of the top ten most memorable moments from 'Game of Thrones'

Red Wedding 

According to many fans, episode 9 of season 3 was the second most pivotal moment in the entire series. In the lead up to the episode, then King in the North Rob Stark had won many battles as he waged war on the Lannister’s for murdering his father Ned and holding his sisters Sansa and Arya hostage. In the midst of the campaign, Rob finds love and marries a healer named Talisa, breaching a longstanding marriage pact with the Freys, who are Stark bannermen. The Frey’s accept Rob’s uncle Edmure as a replacement, and all appears well.

However, on the night of Edmure’s wedding to one of Walder Frey’s daughters, the Freys and fellow Stark bannermen the Boltons viciously betray the Starks. Rob, a pregnant Talisa, Rob’s mother Catelyn, and the majority of Rob’s forces are all slaughtered with minimal resistance, having been caught unaware, and some fans are still traumatized.  

Catelyn Stark being murdered mercilessly at the iconic 'Red Wedding' moment of 'Game of Thrones' | IMDb‘Hold the door’

Another of the show’s most memorable moments was in episode five of season 6, when the origin of the beloved behemoth Hodor is finally revealed. At this point, Bran Stark was deep beyond the wall and receiving training on controlling his visions and powers from the Children of the Forest. During one vision, the Night King touches Bran on the arm and learns his location. An army of undead arrives at the cave where Bran and the Children are sheltered, and Bran is forced to take control of Hodor while still in a vision to ensure their escape. 

As Hodor keeps the undead at bay, Bran’s friend Meera repeatedly cries “hold the door.”In the vision, it is seen that Hodor used to be a normal young boy named Wylis, who suddenly has a seizure and screams “hold the door” repeatedly before the words slur into “Hodor.” With Meera’s word’s seemingly infiltrating the past, it raises the question of whether Bran’s visions are actually just visions.

Hodor holding the door for the escape of Bran and Meera | IMDbBattle of Bastards

One of the most savage battle sequences in the show came when Jon Snow gathered men from various houses to reclaim his childhood home of Winterfell from the vicious Ramsay Bolton. Before the fated battle, leaders of both armies met to try to avoid bloodshed one last time. However, with no intention of surrendering, Ramsay goads Jon into attacking, by freeing Jon’s brother Ricon only to shoot him with an arrow.

The battle was spectacular. Jon's army was clearly outnumbered by Bolton's and hindered by his ill-timed loss of temper. Ramsay's army surrounded the Northmen and then slowly advanced, attempting to suffocate them in a wall of shields. As if right on cue, Sansa's ally Petyr Baelish unleashes the Knights of the Vale, the army he commands on behalf of Sansa's cousin.  Ramsay's army was ridden down, Ramsay himself is captured by Jon, and fans breathed a sigh of relief.

Jon Snow gets up from a pile of corpses, hewas buried under, and gasps for fresh air at the 'Battle of Bastards' | IMDb

The Long Night

Another spectacular battle in the show came when the innumerable hordes of undead led by the White Walkers finally attacked Winterfell in episode three of season eight.

The undead first obliterate the Dothraki riders with their flaming swords, which had only recently been ignited by the Red Priestess Melisandre. In the darkness of the Long Night, little is visible of the Dothraki charge, other than each of their flaming swords flickering out in the distance. After the horde reaches the walls, prospects for victory for the living appear bleak, even with Daenerys and Jon patrolling the skies on dragons.

However, when it seemed that all was lost, master assassin Arya Stark emerged as the savior. In keeping with Bran’s predicition, the Night King came for him at the weirwood tree at the heart of Winterfell, and Arya pounces while the villain is distracted. While victorious, the forces of the living suffered numerous casualties, including Daenerys’s loyal protector and adviser Ser Jorah Mormont.

The Night King raises the dead soldiers in the battle for Winterfell in 'The Long Night' | IMDbDaenerys goes ‘Mad Queen’

This one will be short. In the penultimate episode of this epic series, Daenerys' army was facing off against Cersei's Golden Company and Daenerys herself was facing Euron and his Navy, atop the dragon Drogon. Euron could not repeat his feat of killing a dragon, as Drogon outmaneuvered and incinerated the scorpions designed to slay him.Then Drogon flew to the gates of King's Landing, blasted them open, and killed all the golden company, who ran pell-mell at the approach of flames.

Jon, his few Northern soldiers, and the Unsullied, did not have much to do before the bells of King’s Landing started ringing, signaling the Lannister’s surrender. However, the Mother of Dragons was not in a forgiving mood, and Daenerys decided to go on an unexpected rampage. The near entirety of the city was burned to ashes, and numerous civilians were killed along with Cersei and Jamie Lannister. In addition, The Hound Sandor Clegane finally confronted his monstrous brother the Mountain, and the fight between the two is only settled when Sandor tackles him out of the Red Keep and into dragon fire. 

This brings a conclusion to our epic feature on the epic TV saga that is “Game of Thrones.”

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