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Mila reveals the horror of her marriage

  • Published at 12:14 am April 25th, 2019
Rockstar Mila Islam
Rockstar Mila Islam, with her sister Misha Islam, addresses a press conference at Cafe Thirty3 in Dhaka's Bailey Road on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 Dhaka Tribune

Mila brought her entire family to Café Thirty3 at 4pm on Wednesday to reveal at length the entire story of her abusive husband to the journalists of the country

In an emotional press conference, rockstar Mila Islam has revealed the horror of her marriage with commercial airline pilot Parvez Sanjari.

Mila brought her entire family to Café Thirty3 at 4pm on Wednesday to reveal at length the entire story of her abusive husband to the journalists of the country. 

“My voice is broken from crying, but I must tell you all what I have gone through, and the terror I am in from the man, whom I have loved for the last 12 years.

Warning signs before marriage

“That man was with the Bangladesh Air Force (BAF). We married in 2017. However, it must be noted that he resigned from BAF in 2014, by arduously requesting my father to recommend his leave. He used to request me to tell my father, and he cited the reason, that he loves me and needs to become an airline pilot to properly take care of me. My father kept telling him that it was a bad idea, but eventually yielded. 

“My father recommended his resignation letter. He then joined US Bangla Airlines as a commercial pilot. Around 11 months before our marriage in 2017, I got to know the first skeleton in his closet. He has been sleeping with the wives of senior staff members of the BAF and defence. When I confronted him, he apologized vociferously. Even his mother said that her son is mentally disturbed from having to leave the BAF. Out of love I forgave him and our marriage took place. On our nuptial night he first put me in shock by telling me ‘I might have made a mistake. Maybe I should not have married.’”

Neglect, abuse and torture

While breaking down emotionally Mila continued her story: “Too soon the torture began. You must have noticed that I have been away from media limelight and music for the last seven years. It was because of him, as I wanted to show everyone that a rock star too can have a ordinary married life. Within two months of marriage he blocked my number, so when I call him, I cannot reach him. It became very apparent that he spends less time with me and more time with airhostesses and cabin crews. There are many pieces of proof of his infidelity: one of the US Bangla air hostesses, he used to shack up with, released an image of both of them under the same blanket, right after they had sex. When I printed it out and confronted him he laughed at the whole matter. The hostess got fired. However, he continued his infidelity.

“He would regularly hit me, whenever I confronted him of his doings. He would slap me, and the very next minute he would deny it. Because of these fights I would frequently leave his house to live with my parents. They would stop me from going back, but I would always go back thinking that he is my husband, and I should definitely try to save the marriage.

“On one occasion, when I went to my parent’s home late in the night, my father being fed up said, go back to your husband and fix it. So I went back, and being unable to reach him, I called my mother-in-law. She said ‘you always return home late, so you cannot enter.’ I spent the entire night in the car crying. In the morning he got out to go the Army Golf Club, completely ignoring me. I followed him there, but he did not let me enter. I was starving and thirsty for the entire night, but he did not even offer me a glass of water. This brings us to the horrible domestic abuse I was subjected to, which I shared on Facebook.”

With a constant stream of tears on her cheeks Mila narrated that: “I had told my father about how I spent the entire night on the road. But I voluntarily went back to his house, and he was at work. I went into the shower to clean myself of the ordeal of the previous night. Suddenly I heard banging on the bathroom door. 

“I called my father immediately, who picked up the call. My mother-in-law broke the door and dragged me out of the shower, while I had no clothes. She beat me and berated me for telling my father, how she kept me waiting outside all night. Later when my husband returned, and I reported the incident, he said ‘his mother was right in her actions, and could do whatever she wants to.’ And then he started beating me.

Threats and US Bangla’s involvement

“Eventually I left him. I also brought charges against him under the Women and Child Protection Act. He was arrested, and it is then the real horror started. His colleagues at US Bangla went to visit him in jail, and assured him that the Managing Director of US Bangla Mamun is handling the matter himself. I have seen a text message on his phone where US Bangla pilot Rezwan Ahmed wrote: ‘Dost (Pal), I did not know you were in jail. But MD is working to get you out.’ I was later told that a big battalion of US Bangla people went to the police station to change the charge sheet, the day before the court appearance. After he got out of jail, the threats started. He started threatening me with life. He even threatened my father. I have screenshots of all his actions and threats. I will reveal all to whichever journalist wants it.”

Mila told the Dhaka Tribune Showtime that she will soon be sending the evidence she has against Parvez. She also had another emotional outburst, where she revealed that her husband is currently having a physical relationship with two air hostesses from Bangladesh Biman and Regent Airlines. 

Statement of Mila’s family

Mila’s sister Misha Islam said at the press conference: “I once went to confront that man with two of my colleagues. He just laughed at our faces and said, ‘You act like I am some villain from a film.’ I myself studied Gender Studies, and am vocal about women rights, but I failed to protect my sister. She would never listen to me, and would constantly go back to him, out of love. If this kind of men stays in the country, then how are we to protect women?”

Mila’s father told the Dhaka Tribune Showtime: “I fear for the people who ride as passengers in the flights, in which he flies. He is the type of devil, with the most innocent face, would rather get busy with an air-hostess at the cockpit, than fly the plane.”