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Chirkutt's tribute to Nusrat Jahan

  • Published at 06:34 pm April 18th, 2019
File photo of Chitkutt | Facebook

The band has been busy composing songs for films as well

The death of Nusrat Jahan Rafi who was set on fire, has devastated every single person with a conscience, just as it disturbed popular band Chirkutt, which has dedicated a song to her. 

The song, “Manush,” was released on the band’s official YouTube channel on April 16. The beginning of the video reads: “Shob Boishakh er rong thake na, Nusrat er jonno gaite ichchhe holo.”

Lyrics of the song were penned by vocalist Sharmin Sultana Sumi. She also set the musical score for the song, composed by the band. 

When contacted to share a few words about the song, Sumi said: “Her death was very devastating. As musicians, that is all we could do, we have limitations, we dedicated the song in memory of Nusrat. 

"We prepared a song over a year ago for a film, but later we didn’t have to use the song for that particular film.

“However, we felt like the lyrics of the song go well with Nusrat’s fate.”

Talking about the meaning of the lyrics, she added: “You know, sometimes in life we feel like: Why am I the victim of such cruelty? Why did I have to go through this?”

Sumi further added: “The song is a team effort and everybody in the band was involved in composing the song.” 

Besides talking about the song, Sumi also told us Chirkutt has a few gigs lined-up, at home and abroad. The band has been busy composing songs for films as well.