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AB family agrees to let band keep LRB name, copyright unclear

  • Published at 07:23 pm April 17th, 2019
Members of iconic Bangladeshi rock band LRB, top, and the reformed lineup featuring Balam | Facebook

In a Facebook status posted on his profile on Monday evening, the iconic rock star’s son, Ahnaf Tazwar Ayub, stated their decision

After all the controversies and rage among fans over changing the band’s title, the family members of LRB frontman, the late Ayub Bachchu, have finally declared that the remaining band members can keep the original name, if they want to. 

With all the hate messages from the fans against Bachchu’s family, in a Facebook status posted on his profile on Monday evening, the iconic rock star’s son, Ahnaf Tazwar Ayub, stated their decision by tagging LRB drummer Golamur Rahman Romel and guitarist Abdullah Al Masud.

He wrote: “I know my dad isn’t my personal property. I know he’s not my sister's personal property. He is, was and forever will be a national treasure of Bangladesh. Everyone will remember him through his music.”

“My family and I only asked that the remaining members of LRB perform under a different band if they have to, so that dad’s entire life’s work could remain as it was. The band came to an end the day he left this world, for me, but that doesn’t mean his music came to an end for me. He built the band with his bare hands and he has no replacement,” Ahnaf added.

He also wrote: “But at the end of the day, he is my father, even if you choose to ignore that. That’s why I’m letting the remaining members of LRB (or Balam and the Legacy, as they’re calling themselves now) know that they’re free to perform as LRB, as they chose to initially. I wish them the very best and hope they achieve great success and keep Sollo’s music alive. I wish LRB all the success they can achieve.”

Condemning the hate speeches against his family, he also wrote: “As for those who found peace in cursing my mom, sister and me, I wish you the best in life too, and hope you can be less hateful. You can curse me too, it won’t matter because the real pain in all of this is realizing that Sollo (AB) isn’t here to help me through this.”   

Ayub Bachchu (AB) is the sole owner of the LRB title and its logo, according to the Bangladesh Copyright Office. This new information surfaced after the recent chain of events that led to the iconic rock band changing its name to Balam and the Legacy, and recruiting popular singer and former Warfaze vocalist Balam Jahangir as its new vocalist on April 5.

When Dhaka Tribune’s Showtime contacted Registrar of Copyrights (Joint Secretary) Jafor R Chowdhury for more details, he said: “Technically, you cannot copyright a name or title, but LRB frontman Ayub Bachchu copyrighted the logo of LRB under his name back in 2010. The rights to the title and logo will go to his heirs now, and no one but his heirs have the legal right to use that name.”

When asked if Bachchu copyrighted any of the intellectual property, including lyrics and music, of the band, Jafor replied: “To my knowledge, and according to our records, he never filed any application for any sort of intellectual rights for LRB contents.”  

Showtime also contacted the manager of LRB, Shamim Ahmed, to know about their stance on the latest development.

Shamim said: “We are not even thinking about content rights at the moment. Our main concern always was keeping the band’s name. As we have been saying from the start, we changed the name of the band only because of the objection by his family members. 

“Now, we have seen the recent announcement by his family, and we thank them for changing their decision to (let us) keep the LRB name.” 

“And about the logo rights and other rights, we will definitely sit down with AB’s family soon and sort all that out according to Bangladeshi laws and regulations. We never want to do anything that may hurt anyone or any party over this. And like I said, we are not focusing on content rights at the moment; we will just focus on doing live shows with the current line-up.”