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Eccentric street exhibition draws attention despite gloomy weather

  • Published at 07:21 pm March 27th, 2019
Street art show
People of all walks of life enjoy the arts through various mediums displayed at Street art exhibition | Courtesy

The art show showcased 25 photographs and paintings by 9 photographers and 3 artists

The concept of a street art show is not new in our country, however, despite being open for all, they do not always draw the attention of people from all walks of life. Yet, the third street art exhibition in Dhaka, organized by Terracotta Creatives, saw a huge turn out on Tuesday. 

The exhibition began at 3pm and continued till 7pm on the sidewalks of Dhanmondi 4/A.

The project is a part of the “Rongottor Art Exhibition” initiative. The initiative, by Terracotta Creatives, aims to engage artists from local communities in rural and remote areas. Rongottor has already organized several art camps, workshops, and art and photography exhibitions—along with other events—in different parts of Bangladesh.

The art show showcased 25 photographs and paintings by 9 photographers and 3 artists. The participating photographers were: Arshad Ron, Zia Raihan, Abu Rasel Rony, Samiur Rauf, Shabbir Rahman Shojib, Uzan Rahman, Abtahi Utshab, Abir Shopnobaj, and Mrittika Kamal.

Artists Amitab Sarker, Showvic Lohour, and Shah Oboni Kabir Saki displayed their work at the exhibition as well. 

Mrittika Kamal, director of Terracotta Creatives, told Dhaka Tribune’s Showtime: “We were overwhelmed with the response, even in the gloomy weather; people of all walks of life enjoyed the arts through various mediums.”

“The beauty of our show is that it draws the attention of people from different professions—from a doctor to a street child to a beggar—we welcome everybody regardless of their socio-economic status, or profession,” she said with confidence.

“This was the third show in Dhaka, and previously we had organized two more exhibitions in Khulna as well.”

“For a long time we have been trying to promote art through various mediums and decentralize; which is why we organize various art shows in different cities of the country,” she added.

“To celebrate the Independence Day of Bangladesh, we organized this public exhibition in an open space.”