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Sabnam Faria returns to acting in serials

  • Published at 10:14 pm February 23rd, 2019
Sabnam Faria-Facebook
In spite of being reluctant towards acting in serials, Sabnam Faria signed up for two dramas after one whole year | Facebook

The new serials are titled 'Family Crisis' and 'Family Album,' directed by Muhammad Mustafa Kamal and Imraul Rafat, respectively

The last daily soap starring Sabnam Faria was one year ago, titled “Hingtingchhot” and directed by Razibul Islam. The recently married star of “Debi” is now set for a return to the TV genre, with two new projects currently in hand.

The new serials are titled “Family Crisis” and “Family Album,” directed by Muhammad Mustafa Kamal and Imraul Rafat, respectively. 

Although initially uninterested in acting in the serials, Sabnam agreed to work on them as she had a good relationship with the directors.

“I could not refuse Raz bhai and Rafat bhai’s request. I have worked on various dramas with them, and they have become as close as family. They asked me so earnestly that I could not refuse them at all,” she recently told reporters.   

Sabnam added that the storylines are very good, and she expects the viewers to enjoy them. “In ‘Family Album,’ my character has two sisters and one brother. My character’s name is Sanjana, and my sisters are named Farzana and Tamanna. The story is so entertaining that we often break into laughter while saying our lines!”

Regarding her initial reluctance to work on the serials, she said: “If I work on serials, I have to commit a big chunk of my time every month to acting in them. Sometimes, when the serial is stretched, the consistency of the story is compromised. Sometimes, I have to skip work for one-hour television plays, because of the demanding schedule. As a result, I have less interest in acting in serials than I used to.”

The shooting for “Family Crisis” began one month ago, and the show is set to air on NTV. The shooting for “Family Album” began last Wednesday, and the serial is to air on RTV.