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Miljan Gogic: A documentary filmmaker who depicts unique stories

  • Published at 09:47 pm January 12th, 2019
Miljan Gogic
Miljan Gogic | Courtesy

Serbian director, Miljan Gogic is currently visiting Bangladesh to participate in the Dhaka International Film Festival 2019 (DIFF). His documentary film, tilted, 'The Guardians' was screened on Friday at the Bangladesh National Museum as part of the on-going film festival. Amid his busyness with the festival, Dhaka Tribune Showtime’s Nazia Adnin sat with the director to talk about his directing style and works

'The Guardians'

Award winning documentary Serbian director Miljan Gogic has anexceptional style of documenting unique stories on the silver screen. He goes beyond limits in order to portray the truths which are reflected in his works. 

Most of his documentaries engage the audience profoundlywith the stories. 

Miljan’s recent work, “The Guardians,” is a perfect example of his dedication towards film-making. 

Talking about the film Miljan told us: “It took me eight years to finish this film, thus, both the crew, and I had to be very patience to keep the consistency.”

Story of the documentary is about the Androvic family and their unique history. The Androvic family has been protecting the cross of St. Jovan Vladimir for 900 years. 

Everybody tried to steal the cross in his lifetime and historians believe that the love story of Kosara, the daughter of Byzantine King Samuil was a source of inspiration for Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet. 

Serbian ruler St. Jovan Vladimir was considered a pious, just, and peaceful ruler from around 1000 to 1016.

Miljan co-authored the screenplay of “The Guardians” with Dragan Leverda while it was edited by Branko Maksimovic. Svetislav Bozic, Dobrica Visnjic, and Zoran Kostic Cane composed the music.

In 2017,“The Guardians” won several international awards in the documentary film category. 

As a director, Miljan like fast cuts, and works closely with the cinematographer. When he was asked what type of story attracts him the most, Miljan replied: “I love unique stories that have cultural and historical enrichment.”

'Prison’s Prayer'

Another documentary film by Miljan, “Prison’s Prayer” speaks about people, faith and repentance. 

The film demonstrates the lifestyle of Serbian prisoners, and how they renovated and rebuilt the prison church. Inmates, cartoonists and tattoo artists painted the walls.

The director spent three days, and two nights in the prison to make the documentary. Camera works and sound design complemented the screenplay of the film.  

While talking about the experience, Miljan said: “Everybody was very co-operative, and it was a great experience.”

“We arranged a special screening session for 400 prisoners, and they gave a standing ovation after watching it which was a surreal feeling,” he recalled.

DIFF curator

Miljan is the curator of the Retrospective category of the on-going DIFF. In the section veteran Serbian director Goran Paskaljević’s films are being screened. 

Talking about Goran’s work Mijlan said: “He is a great director of our country who represents our culture and people through his works.” 

Miljan Gogic graduated from the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. Almost fifteen years ago, he started working as a producer. Besides making documentaries, Miljan also made music videos and Television commercials. 

He has bagged numerous awards at different international film festivals in Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Montenegro, and many more.