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The Hero We Need: Mighty Punch Studios releases “smashing” new short

  • Published at 09:32 pm January 5th, 2019
web-Mighty Punch Studios

This  hilarious 7 minute short is the first of Mighty Punch Studios’ 2019 offerings

On a night like any other in the mad metropolis that is Dhaka City, a trio of bank robbers have just completed a successful heist, and are making a getaway, when they are faced with something every Dhakaite is intimately familiar with: a traffic jam. They respond to this obstacle the way many Dhakaites do – they decide to drive on the wrong side of the road. While they’re busy dodging rickshaws and ambulances on their road to riches, they haven’t figured one probability into their plans: Captain Kathal.

This  hilarious 7 minute short is the first of Mighty Punch Studios’ 2019 offerings. Written by Samir Asran Rahman and Oliver Simon Halder, and voiced by Oliver Simon Halder, the video is a tongue-in-cheek message about road safety. Peppered with little jokes and snippets about Bangladeshi lifestyle and culture, from parodies of popular songs, to samplings of Cryptic Fate tracks,  and  gut-busting ‘pun-ishment’ doled out by Captain Kathal, the video is pure entertainment. There’s even a Marvel style post-credit sequence, and Easter eggs featuring the cockroaches from an earlier Shabash issue.

With eight issues of "Shabash," and the pilot issues of "Ms Shabash," "Lathial and the Legend of Zooey" out, this new video whets the appetites of Mighty Punch fans for more antics by our favourite fruit-flavoured superheroes.