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The songs of 11th general election campaigns

  • Published at 10:27 pm December 28th, 2018
Screenshot of Awami League theme song 2018 election
Screenshot from the song 'Joy Bangla Jitbe Abar Nouka,' which many consider to be the official theme song of the election campaign of Awami League | YouTube

Campaigning by all political parties and their candidates for 11th general election is finally over, and this election’s campaigns featured a number of new songs by each of the political parties. Some constituents made songs specific to their campaign, borrowing the tune from famous Bangla numbers. Some candidates even made music videos to accompany their electoral battle cries. The Dhaka Tribune Showtime looks at some of the memorable songs that came about through the electioneering

Awami League 

‘Joy Bangla Jitbe Abar Nouka’

The song that is being considered as the official theme song of Bangladesh Awami League is “Joy Bangla Jitbe Abar Nouka.” The song was sung Saroar and GM Ashraf. The composition was by DJ Tonu and LMG Beats.

The chorus reads, “Joy Bangla! Jitbe abar nouka! Joy Bangla! Sheikh Hasinar salam nin! Joy Bangla! Nouka markay vote din!” 

The recurring phrase “Joy Bangla” is the well-known salutation, slogan and war cry most commonly used in Bangladesh. It first appeared in the 11-point charter put forward by Sarbadaliya Chhatra Sangram Parishad (SCSP) on January 4, 1969. After the release of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, SCSP held a rally at the then-Ramna Race Course Maidan on February 22, 1969. When Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was conferred his title “Bangabandhu,” the war cry was first heard all over the Maidan. Subsequently, Joy Bangla became the slogan of the 1971 Liberation War. “Joy Bangl” means “Victory to Bangla.”

The remaining words of the chorus translate to “Boat will win! Take Sheikh Hasina’s greeting. Vote for boat!”

The song emerged as the most popular in the campaign of Awami League, with many different versions of music videos for the song being circulated across social media platforms. 

‘Amra Nouka Chalai Re’

State Minister of ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak’s campaign theme song was titled “Amra Nouka Chalai Re” and its music video was released on December 11 on his YouTube channel. Popular singer Momotaz Begom, who is also the MP for Manikganj-2 constituency, performed the vocals. The lyrics were penned by Rakib Hasan Rahul. 

The chorus of the song reads “Amra nouka chalai re Chalan Bil dia. Bangabandhur Noukar majhi Palak Bhaire niya.” The words in English will read, “We row boats on Chalan Bil, with Bangabandhu’s boatman Palak Bhai.” 

‘Jaina Raikho Jonogon’

“Jaina Raikho Jonogon” was released on the YouTube channel of Janatar Adalat on October 27. The singer was Lisa Kalam, and the lyrics were written by Shumon Kalam. Ujjal Sinha wrote the tune and composition, while the music video’s editing and animation was by Tapan Sarker.

‘Tomar jonno shopnopuron’

This collaborative song was sung by Shawkot Ali Emon, Akhi Alamgir, Balam, Pulok and Konal. The lyrics were penned to praise Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The chorus for the song is “Tomar jonno shopnopuron, jibonke bhalobasha, tomar kothay bhenge churmar oniomer basha.” 

Islami Andolon Bangladesh (IAB)

‘Hatpakha Jindabad’

IAB’s campaign song is “Hatpakha Jindabad.” The vocals were by Humayun Kabir Shabib. A music video was released on YouTube on October 3, and the editing was by SKM Zahid. The song was composed by Sayem Al Hasan. 

Kolorob’s ‘Hatpakha Jindabad’

Another campaign song for IAB is Kolorob’s “Hatpakha Jindabad.” The lyrics and tune for this song were by Shahjahan Siraj. Chief of Kolorob Abu Sufian performed the song and directed the music video. The video was filmed at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation, as well as at various locations in Dhaka.


‘Dhaner Shish Daak Dieche’

Close-up One super star Muhin lent his voice to the song “Dhaner shish daak dieche.” The lyrics were penned by Humayun Kabir and the tune and composition were by Maksud Jamil Mintu.

‘Gonotontrer Maa’

Baby Naznin released a song for Begum Khaleda Zia, with the lyrics and tune written by the singer herself.


‘Dhaner shishe vote ta chai’

Bangladesh Awami League party’s Member of Parliament Momotaz Begom’s hit song “Faitta jai” was used as inspiration for BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir’s election song “Dhaner shishe vote ta chai.” The chorus translates to “Vote for Dhaner Shish.”