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‘Dohon’ receives uncut censor certificate

  • Published at 09:44 pm November 27th, 2018

In this action thriller, Siam plays a young drug addict, Puja plays a garment factory worker, and Zakiya Bari Mamo plays a reporter

Jaaz Multimedia’s latest production “Dohon” received uncut certificate from Bangladesh Film Censor Board (BFCB) on Tuesday, according to their official Facebook page. 

The film will hit the cinema on Friday, and the production company is running a promotional campaign for its release.

This is the second film, starring the popular newcomer duo Siam Ahmed and Puja Chery, after “Poramon 2.” In a press statement issued Tuesday afternoon, the film’s producer and Jaaz Multimedia owner Abdul Aziz said: “We are hoping ‘Dohon’ will be more commercially successful than ‘Poramon 2’.”

“Dohon” director Raihan Rafi said in the statement: “The censor board has given ‘Dohon’ an uncut certificate and everyone on the board praised the film. Hopefully the audience will enjoy the film too, which will turn our hard work to success.”

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Speaking about his character, Siam Ahmed said: “I had to play a complex role in this film and I hope the audience will come to the theatres to see it. If they like the film, it will inspire me to go ahead and if they don’t then I will try to work on something even better.”  

In this action thriller, Siam plays a young drug addict, Puja plays a garment factory worker, and Zakiya Bari Mamo plays a reporter. Fazlur Rahman Babu, Monira Mithu, Raj Ripa and many others also star in other roles. 

Previously, many controversies hit the project as several actors were cast and left the project. At first, model and actor Azmeri Haque Badhon was cast in one of the lead roles, but she left the project saying the sudden change of production dates for the film clashed with other projects she had already committed to. Then popular actor Dilara Hanif Purnima was cast for the same role, but she left the project complaining about bad press. Finally, in the end of June, Mamo had been  cast for the role and completed the production.

“Dohon” also recently led to controversy with the release of a music video from the film, titled “Hajir Biriyani.” Indian singer Akassh Sen provided the vocals for the song.

The track went viral on social media, and had a mixed reception due to its lyrics promoting drug abuse and hooliganism. Although some people praised the storyline of the film as presented in the music video, others criticized the use of vulgar lyrics.