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Mechanix's second album on the way

  • Published at 08:39 pm November 19th, 2018
Being formed in 2005, Mechanix is considered as one of the pioneering bands which have introduced heavy metal music to country’s rock music scenario | Facebook

The heavy metal band is busy with concerts while composing new songs for the new album

Mechanix, one of the popular heavy metal bands of the country is currently passing busy days in the studio- recording their second studio album. 

Being formed in 2005, the band has traversed a long way, and become one of the mainstream bands of our country in a very short span of time. 

They are considered as one of the pioneering bands which have introduced heavy metal music to country’s rock music scenario. 

Heavy metal is now an extremely popular genre among the youngsters not only in Dhaka, but in many major cities of the country as well. 

The band’s journey began with reality TV show “Drockstar's 2.” They were one of the semi-finalists of that competition. 

Last year, Mechanix lead guitarist, Zeheen Ahmed’s demise left his band mates heartbroken. The news came as a shock for the music world as the industry lost a gem of a musician. 

However, the band got support from their families and friends who inspired the band to pull through and continue their music for the fans and Zeheen. 

Since then the band has been busy with live shows and concerts to keep moving forward. 

In a recent conversation with the Dhaka Tribune’s Showtime, the band talked about their current and future endeavors. 

During the conversation, the band members emphasized on the importance of the live shows to stay connected with the fans.  

Therefore, the band has been performing in live shows in Dhaka and in other major cities of the country regularly. 

Tridib, the vocalist of the band, told us: “Live show or concert is the best way to connect with our listeners, we always enjoy performing live.”

“Performing at live concerts outside of Dhaka is also great experience and we’re performing in major cities such as Syhlet, Chittagong, and Rajshahi frequently.”

Drummer Sk Reaz said: “We like to connect with our fans outside of Dhaka; it is a great motivator for us to find such enthusiastic crowd across the country.”

Mechanix fans will be ecstatic to know that the band is planning to release their second studio album soon. 

Additionally, the band is also planning to release a couple of singles before the album release. 

Recently, the band also has released a single called “Niyoti,” as a reminder for their fans that no matter what there is always hope, and nobody should give up. 

The song was dedicated to Zeheen Ahmed. 

In 2007, Mechanix released their 1st single “Jhoddha,” which was featured in "Underground 2"-- a mixed album by Komol (Warfaze & Aurthohin). 

One of their hit numbers "Dhruboshor" was released in another mixed album called "Rock 202 and 303” in 2009. 

Next year, "Itihas '71," a song dedicated to the independence war of Bangladesh, was released in "Rock 404 and 505."

First solo album of Mechanix called “Oporajeyo,” was released in 2011- featuring 10 songs. The album was welcomed by the fans with great enthusiasm. 

While talking about new line-up, Tridib said: “Since it is a new journey for us, with a new line-up, therefore, we are focused on to find the co-ordination among us and give ourselves enough time, while making songs with an album in mind.”

The current lineup of the band consists of Tridib on vocals, Reaz on drums, Salek on bass, and Shuvro and Shafat on guitars.