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Debojyoti Mishra sets music score for docudrama ‘Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale’

  • Published at 08:28 pm October 2nd, 2018
Debojyoti Mishra- 'Hasina: A Daughter's Tale'
Debojyoti Mishra, music director of 'Hasina: A Daughter's Tale' | Courtesy

The film is scheduled to be released worldwide on November after an extensive 5-year-long collaboration, between the Centre for Research and Information (CRI) and Applebox Films

Debojyoti Mishra, an internationally acclaimed Indian music composer and film director, has composed the musical score for “Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale,” a docudrama based on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s life, confirmed the film’s director Rezaur Rahman Khan Piplu.

Dhaka Tribune’s Showtime contacted the film director and asked why he chose Debojyoti Mishra and his experience working with him on the much awaited film. Piplu said: “Working in commercial making for quite a while, I had the pleasure of working with Debojyoti on numerous music track projects s in Mumbai, India, during their post-productions.”

“Also I wanted a music director for the docudrama as I was looking for a Bangali musician who knew Bangla, was from this region, and could understand the gravity of the project. Debojyoti is an internationally reputed Bangali composer and music director whose music orientation is very rich. As I have a bit of music knowledge myself and have worked with him on a lot of projects, he checked all the boxes in my list. Also, he grew up in West Bengal, grew up in this region, and worked with numerous Bangladeshis, knew this climate, culture, and history very well. But I was not sure if he would be interested in a docudrama project, but music was an essential part of my project. To my surprise, he took the job very seriously and gave his everything to the project. And professionally speaking, with his knowledge and experience in this field, I thought we would do justice to this project,” he added.

He also said they gave him complete creative freedom on the project and gave him a brief about how they wanted a dark and gothic tone to the film’s music, like a Shakespearean tragedy like 'Macbeth.' Mishra took the reference and built the score from scratch, keeping the historical context and the hardship throughout the personal and political career of Sheikh Hasina.

When asked why he chose the Shyama Sangeet, “Amar Shadh Na Mitilo,” in the film, he said: “It was a very favorite track of Bangabandhu and he listened to it regularly. Also, when I was working with Sheikh Hasina, while talking and shooting throughout the project, this song came up quite often and I felt a very special connection between this song and the project. I instantly wanted to make a few renditions of the track for the project as it had the elements of the lamentations of a daughter who lost her father, the loss of the Bangali nation, and the whole historical context behind it. It just worked and came up as we worked our way through the project. Debojyoti had sent me a demo while I was shooting in Belgium. He sang the demo and was asking if I was looking for this sort of melancholic high pitched voice. I loved it, wanted it with his voice as he was so emotionally right at that moment and finalized the track as we heard it in the trailer. While on the music, he recorded the orchestral pieces in Prague.” 

The docudrama also has two more tracks, one of them sung by Piplu himself. 

The trailer of the film was released on all social media platforms on September 28, marking Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s 71st birthday, and instantly became viral and hyped up the netizens of Bangladesh.

The film is scheduled to be released worldwide on November after an extensive 5-year-long collaboration, between the Centre for Research and Information (CRI) and Applebox Films’ founder, and the film’s director, Rezaur Rahman Khan Piplu, who directed this feature length documentary.