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Bangladeshi-American screenwriter gets targeted over Quantico fiasco

  • Published at 06:02 pm June 10th, 2018
  • Last updated at 06:02 pm June 10th, 2018
Sharbari Zohra Ahmed /Facebook

Hindutva trolls are out insulting the thousands of Bangladeshis raped in the Liberation War

The vengefulness of the Indian nationalists is spilling over dangerously as their fury over the portrayal of “Hindutva nationalists” in the TV drama “Quantico.” After hitting Priyanka Chopra on all fronts online, a Bangladeshi-American author who wrote one episode of the show has also been targeted by the outraged defenders of Indian virtue.

Sharbari Zohra Ahmed’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have been the targets of slander (misplaced and out of proportion). The rationale expressed by the fulminating Indians is quite straightforward – as a Muslim, Sharbari is out to malign the character of Indians, and she abused her position as a writer on the drama to do so.

One anonymous Twitter user with the handle TripRR tweeted at Sharbari:

Care to explain your wildest fantasy while you wrote Quantico with Indians being masterminds of an attack? Does this stem from a deep rooted bias, hate, anti-Hindu, pro-islam conditioning of your fragile mind ?? Your view matters (.) Do answer

The writer responded calmly to dispel the cloud of fake news-driven fury. But the Hindutva fanatics wanted names, they wanted heads.

One of Hindutva’s virtuous defenders, Hasmukh Pamar, thought it would be an exemplary act of nationalism and patriotism to make jokes about the Liberation War of Bangladesh and the rape of thousands of women and girls. He implied rape by the Pakistani army had been exaggerated, and that they were merely fulfilling the lust of the women.

Another of Mother India’s finest, one Murali Krishna, “suggested” that she write an episode where she is kidnapped by IS terrorists and used as a sex slave.

The response is aggressive, threatening, and outright alarming.

Not only is the impulsive, reckless behaviour presented by these new-age Indian patriots driven by misinformation, it reveals a thinly-veiled fragile collective ego – a part of which has a default setting of using rape as a theme in presenting their case, as Sharbari herself pointed out. The default mode of “rape as any argument” is a throwback to perhaps the countless highly-publicized and incredibly controversial incidents of rape in India.

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After ABC, Priyanka apologizes

The Quantico fiasco has been spiralling out of control as there are dozens of campaigns to boycott Priyanka Chopra and brands for which she is an ambassador. On Sunday, Priyanka tweeted a half-hearted apology for hurting the sentiments of anyone whose, well, sentiments were hurt by the drama.