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'I started with my dad's Bangla Natoks as a kid'

  • Published at 08:53 pm April 7th, 2018
  • Last updated at 09:06 pm April 7th, 2018
'I started with my dad's Bangla Natoks as a kid'
A 24 year old actor and model named Ramzan Miah from Luton, UK who is Bangladeshi in origin will star alongside Martin Freeman and Paul Whitehouse in a major international thriller titled “Ghost Stories.” “Ghost Stories” was filmed two years ago and after a lengthy period in production the Lionsgate production hit the theatres worldwide on April 6. Ramzan followed his debut with another on-screen role in next year’s Disney epic “Aladdin” starring Will Smith and Naomi Scott, followed by a starring role in a short film “The Devil’s Harmony.” He said: “I was on set for three months for Aladdin and I’m so grateful for the experience. There’s been ups and downs getting here but I’m so happy to be doing these films, it’s a blessing.” The former Ashcroft High School student started acting in school plays and was encouraged by teachers to continue drama at Luton Sixth Form. After a short stint studying business and marketing at the University of Hertfordshire, Ramzan left his studies to step into acting. Before getting his first movie role, he spent time studying acting at Bird College of Dance and Theatre in London. Ramzan quickly found work modelling for brands such as Adidas, River Island and Paul Smith, as well as TV advertisements. Dhaka Tribune's Showtime team recently contacted the actor via social media for the following interview: Tell us a bit about yourself? My name is Ramzan Miah and I am 24 years old, born and raised in Luton, Bedfordshire. My parents are from Bangladesh. How did you start off your media career? This started with my dad, Kaddus Miah. I was a young kid around 7 years old and he use to produce and direct Bangla Natok! (for both UK and Bangladesh) Once he couldn't find any child actor so he used me. From there I started and then developed my confidence in acting. I then stopped doing Bengali Natok at the age of 15 as I was focusing on my academic subjects. However I started again when I was doing my GCSE and fell in love with it. My dad has stopped producing now but I carried on and trained, as I love the arts and modelling. When did you start modelling? Tell us a bit more about that? Ramzan: I was scouted at the age of 18, when I did a fashion show and this was very challenging for me as you don't see any Bangladeshi male doing modelling as their career. But I really loved it. I like challenging myself so I signed with an agency and from there things were very bright. I earned contracts from various modelling agencies in the UK, and began my journey as a model. JD, L'OREAL and PAUL SMITH are just a few major commercial brands I have worked for.
Tell us about how you landed your first major acting gig and what was that? My agent once sent me a self tape to do and I looked at this (Ghost Stories) as the project sounded fantastic to be involved in. Once I sent my self tape I didn’t hear anything for a while. Until my agent called me and told me I am in the movie! I was really thrilled as hard work does pay off! And I am always staying positive as there’s no point being negative as you wont achieve anything with that. Where were your parents from and will you ever work in Bangladesh? My parents are from Sylhet! And yes of course I love Bangladesh! I would love to someday work and do a big film or modelling campaign there. In'Sha'Allah. Have you ever been to Bangladesh and how good is your Bangla? Yes I have been to Bangladesh and loved it! And I can speak fluently in Bangla.