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RJ Tazz facing legal notice over controversial prank call

  • Published at 06:44 pm February 24th, 2018
  • Last updated at 03:03 pm February 25th, 2018
RJ Tazz facing legal notice over controversial prank call
Months after setting the internet ablaze with her so-called prank call videos, radio jockey Tasnim Borsha Islam, popularly known as RJ Tazz, is now apparently facing legal action over one of those calls made in December last year. Tagging her radio show as “tortuous and dreadful,” Supreme Court lawyer advocate Aneek R Haque said he is all set to send a legal notice to RJ Tazz and the hosting radio station 96.4 Spice FM on Sunday. It all started when Tasnim dialled one Salim Ahmed and informed him that his newborn had been swapped at birth. During the call, she remorselessly requested him to return the infant. The baby in question was only two days old and the father was outraged by this information while his weeping wife experienced a mental breakdown. The video of the “prank call” then went viral on social media, while the couple at the receiving end suffered public humiliation. Talking to Showtime, Aneek said: “When you are on air and reaching out to a large number of audience, you have certain social responsibility to abide by.” Referring to the infamous Episode 08 of Tasnim’s show “Tazz Reloaded,” he said: “If you have watched the episode and listened to the conversation, you will see that when the RJ revealed it was a prank call done at the behest of the couple’s other child, you could hear the mother saying "Amar meyeke ami merei felbo (I will kill my daughter).”
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“Celebrities should maintain a thin line between fun and facts. They have to be more responsible about the content they are sharing,” the lawyer added. Regarding his decision to sue the RJ along with her company, Aneek said: “There are some issues which are sensitive. The level of humour in these shows is so low that most of the time it is just indecent and nothing like a prank at all. Moreover, she made the call based on the request of a 14-year-old girl and where is the broadcasting standard of that?” “And did she ever think about the consequences if the recipients had a nervous breakdown? Will she then be responsible? What if your nephew pulls a similar prank on you after seeing this sort of content online or listening to these? What if someone molests a girl and then say it was just a prank, will that be alright?” he raised a series of questions, which reflect his soon-to-be-taken legal action against Tasnim and Spice FM. Before the escalating circulation of the video, model Tasnovaa Elvin had also raised her voice against the RJ and her show after receiving a prank call from the same show. [caption id="attachment_248836" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Screenshot of the Facebook post of model Tasnovaa Elvin[/caption] According to a post on Tasnovaa’s Facebook profile, she got publicly offended when the RJ asked her to be a part of “casting couch.” Despite claims from some followers of the show that the prank calls were staged, the contents of the videos remain controversial and are still being widely criticized. However, after the outrage spread, Spice FM had added a disclaimer only with the video in question advising viewer discretion and suggesting the audience to skip the video “if you can’t take a joke.”