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The canvas of Chitropot

  • Published at 10:06 pm February 17th, 2018
  • Last updated at 10:07 pm February 17th, 2018
The canvas of Chitropot
After a right amount of wisdom sharing and consumption, music to glisten up the atmosphere was needed. There was music, and music but nothing new- until the listeners found out they were mere 7th to 12th graders. Their authentic identity of being sumptuously talented younglings would've stayed deceived if they hadn't shared the story of their walk down the lane of discovering themselves as musicians. Wrivu Mustafa, the vocal stated, "That we talked was something new about this show. Our sole purpose of being on stage is to play with music." As the founder, Wasif always goes while narrating their journey, "A bunch of desk banging, music-loving 9th graders of Nalonda, suddenly got the wild idea of forming a band," it was indeed astonishing to hear something so incredible from such younglings. One fine day of being a ninth grader who did not have to think about the survival of hardships back then, Wasif thought of forming a football team. The team of 3 football players used to do everything together. Then somehow Wrivu learnt to play the guitar and discovered he could sing. Wasif discovered that can bring out the best of electric guitar. Safin fell in love with Esraj. And thus, Chitropot was formed. In course of forming a football team, they ended up having a musical gypsy. While showing the draft from an old homework copy, Safin showed the first ever song they wrote, "Raater Akash." Then they had songs like "Ratri Holo Khoon" which was exclusively written by Arnob, "Brishti Tumi", "Jabo Megher Deshe" which was recently written by the youngest member of the herd, Ribhu Roddur who also happens to be the percussionist of the band. What makes the herd so unique is the instruments they play. Assuredly not conventional they are in our music. Starting from Banjo to Esraj, they are experimenting with new wonderments each passing days. Regardless of blowing minds in prolix of concerts, a call from a TEDx event was one great accomplishment. Their recently released track, “Ekhane Shomoy Kate Na” was an excellent social media hit which was mix mastered by Kanak Aditya, which had them recognized by German Broadcasting media, Deutsche Welle. Currently, they are working on a documentary with Deutsche Welle, rendering the idea of indie music in Bangladesh. They performed in Radio Next with songs from their debut album. The festival teaser of the 9th International Children Film Festival made by them, rejoiced the innocence of childhood pragmatics. A room full of music lovers indulged themselves into their music at Jatrabiroti. They are soon to have their very first album launched, this year and hoping to shoot the stars with that. What keeps them going is the constant celebration of innocent friendship they grew through the love of music. When audience completely foreign to their songs sing in chorus with them, moves the crew. Sudden shout-outs from the audience squealing, "Once more," is what keeps the band alive!