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Safa: I never let any chance go

  • Published at 09:28 pm January 22nd, 2018
  • Last updated at 09:29 pm January 22nd, 2018

Safa Kabir is one of the famous young actors of this time. Special occasions mean her TV dramas. She is also actively present in commercials. Safa’s social media accounts are always active and her fans and followers always want to know where she is, what she is doing. Is Safa just a reflection of her social media or she is completely someone else in person? Showtime’s Rumpa Syeda Farzana Zaman recently sat down with multi-talented Safa Kabir, heard her life stories firsthand. How is Safa behind the scenes? “How is Safa behind the scenes? Well the way I am right now. I really love to lead a very simple life. I have no rush at all! People tell me I am lazy too.” As a solo traveller “I love adventure. Love visiting new places and every place has its own special signature. It might be a special fruit or famous cuisine or even a special tourist attraction from that specific region. I love to travel and explore these places and I like to travel alone. You can spend the time like you want then. Suppose I am roaming around somewhere and suddenly felt like sitting somewhere, I will just sit down there with a book. I am like that. Did paragliding recently, scuba diving is next on my wish list. Will do that too.” And cooking? “People can eat when I cook, that must mean it’s good (smiling). Always up for cooking something spicy or quick recipes. I like spicy things as well. So naturally they come up on my cooking list. I like to experiment too. Anyone can ask me for my recipe of cooking crabs with yoghurt. Please do come to my home, I will cook.” Any unknown skills? “Yes, I love to draw. I paint since my childhood though never learned anywhere. As I was the only child of my parents, my favourite pastime was painting or dancing. Another favourite thing from my childhood was making clay chickens. I also made masks and painted them. I really love colours. That’s why I love painting. Bookworm “I love to read. I like Humayun Ahmed very much and read Muhammad Zafar Iqbal’s science fictions when I was young. But to be honest I don’t like sci-fi that much, read a couple of books. Whether it’s a novel or a short story, my top preference is Humayun Ahmed's books. Musical instruments “I really want to keep a huge piano in my home and want to learn how to play that. Used to play the guitar and recently started again. New adventure “When I learn something new I feel what to do next or what to learn next; I still have so many things to learn and so many things to do. Maybe I will keep exploring.” As a friend “The number of my friends is pretty small. I talk to a lot of people but that’s probably not friendship. I’ll give myself a 100 out of 100 as a friend to the people I am friends with. As a writer “I am writing a story for quite a while now, but not sure when it will be finished. This is my dream project. It is a story about a child; so not rushing to finish it. I want to take my time and complete it properly. What does Safa want? “I want to be a good actor. A good daughter to my mother. I want to be a good mother myself. Most people have a certain goal but I don’t have something like that. I want to explore everything; so I do modelling, radio shows, anchoring, stage performances, dancing and more. Maybe I am not the best at everything but I can do them properly. Even though studies don’t attract me, I still attended all the university admission tests around the country, after completing my HSC, just for the experience. I don’t want to miss out on anything and is the secret of my life.”