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A mother can turn any impossibility into possibility

DJ Sonica sat for an interview with the Dhaka Tribune recently to talk about her career, hardships, successes and overall life as a female disc jockey

It has been more than four decades since Bangladesh’s liberation now and the young nation is growing continuously along with its youngsters. In an extremely conservative nation like ours, how far the women could go in comparison with men in terms of their work?

Putting the mainstream professions aside if we consider women in the music industry, women have walked a long way.

Marzia Kabir Sonica alias DJ Sonica, who is considered to be the pioneer of female DJs in the country, is extremely successful in her professional life as well as personal life.

DJ Sonica sat for an interview with the Dhaka Tribune recently to talk about her career, hardships, successes and overall life as a female disc jockey.

“It is amazing when a lone girl controls a crowd of thousands of people,” she expresses her happiness.

DJ Sonica started DJing as a hobby which later became her profession. Nowadays, Sonica is the first name to come in mind among all the male and female DJs in the country when someone talks about DJing in Bangladesh. Recent Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) is an example how the female DJs and their teams rock the crowd.

The journey so far was not easy at all for DJ Sonica.

“Most of the parties or events were at night and finding good organizers was a big challenge. Everyone thought DJing means partying, singing and dancing and none could ever imagine that DJing can be someone’s profession and people can survive considering DJing as their career,” DJ Sonica said.

DJ Sonica had to receive a notice once to leave her home because of her profession. She answered all such harassments and criticism with her work. “My neighbours now proudly say that I live in their building,” she said.

She always knew that it will not be easy to walk in a path where no other girl ever walked before and this made her focus on her work even more.

“In our society, it is obvious that a girl will face questions if she has to do a job at night and return home late. People question her whereabouts more than her talents,” DJ Sonica said.

Sonica said people even raised questions on her character and said it was not difficult for someone to get into an affair with her. Little did the society know that she took all these as quietly as possible and focused on her work.

She always believed that one day her talent and work will be respected. Sonica thinks that the difficult path where she had to walk through has been smoothed for new girls because of her.

She still visions a long way in the industry and said it was nothing less than a fairy tale to become the first female DJ in Bangladesh when there were no famous or well-accepted female DJs in the neighbouring countries.

It took almost a decade for her to turn her dreams into reality.

In the beginning, DJ Sonica had to think twice before signing contracts. She had to take care of her own safety and look over the organizers. The audience was also a big concern for her.

Now the same girl is the idol for female DJs in Bangladesh.

She is now a proud mother of a daughter. When asked about her motherhood, she said: “My husband always knew about my profession. This never created any problem of that sort in my relationships. We never had any misunderstanding between us.”

She also said that it was her husband who helped her the most when she gave birth to her child. “I had to take a break for my baby and now I sign events keeping my child in mind,” she said.

“It is all about balancing. You do not have to do everything at once. You have to give yourself time first. Then decide what you should do. Keep in mind that child and family come first and no compromises should be made there. You can follow your dreams after settling everything down,” she said.

She assured that taking a break is never a problem for a person who is talented. She said it depends on how strong your base is. The stronger it is the less tension you have. For her, moving forward is winning.

When asked about her plans after the break, she replied that she only thought about herself in the past but now she thinks about the entire community as a whole. She is trying to create a common platform for all the female DJs and the girls who aspire to be one.

“The main goal of this platform is to create awareness about the wrong channels and ensure that none gets scammed,” she said.

About her music career, she said that she wants to express her style to the audience even more and she has already worked on several tracks. She is currently focusing on her original single. She also worked as anchor during and after her break and the list of her work includes Miss World Bangladesh.

Later, she decided to leave and the experience she has gathered from help her to make better decisions in future, she said.

She does want to focus on music and do something else which is related to her dreams and identity.

In the end of the interview session, she said that becoming a mother while being in a challenging profession like DJing was a blessing for her.

“When a woman gives birth to another soul inside her she can truly turn any impossibility into possibility,” she said.

Thus, DJ Sonica is unstoppable and even more confident now.

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