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‘Subodh’ to be turned into short film

  • Published at 09:55 pm November 17th, 2017
  • Last updated at 11:53 pm November 17th, 2017

Subodh, a piece of graffiti painted at different places in Dhaka, has been keeping social media buzzing for more than a year now. Such was the allure behind the mystery of who the artist was, even people in Kolkata got caught up in the hype, and a young filmmaker has now decided to make a movie on the phenomenon. The mysterious image of the “Subodh” character is seen at different parts of the capital carrying a cage, which has a sun trapped within. The captions on these graffiti include statements such as “Subodh tui paliye ja, Tor bhagge kichu nei” or “Subodh tui paliye ja, Ekhon shomoy pokkhe na,” and are still the talk of the town. More graffiti of the same kind pop up every once in awhile, with the artist or artists signing the art as “HOBEKI?”
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Inspired by the street art, filmmaker Abdullah Mahfuj Ove is making a short film based on the graffiti. Titled “Tor Bhagge Kichu Nei,” the film is both written and directed by him. A trailer was released on Thursday. The film’s director told the press that he has tried to show a connection between Subodh and urban life in Bangladesh. He added that the film portrays Subodh as a character in different urban stories of Dhaka. The film is produced by young engineer and writer Mehedi Asif. Creators of the film said it is going to be released online soon.