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Sharmin Lucky: Running a channel is not just about money, you also need an artistic soul

  • Published at 12:02 am October 25th, 2017
  • Last updated at 03:38 pm October 25th, 2017
Sharmin Lucky, a personality who has been active both in front and behind the camera, on stage and radio. Her voice easily attracts the audience. Her presence can be felt in every sector of the media. The Siddika Kabir Recipe star and host had suddenly hidden herself from the media and has not been seen on stage or in front of the camera lately. After a long time, Sharmin Lucky sat down with the Dhaka Tribune’s Showtime team and talked about herself.

The first question was obviously about her sudden disappearance from the media. She anticipated the question and swiftly replied that, after a long run, she had decided that she should pause and give herself a vacation, a vacation to sort herself out, hence, the temporary retirement. Even though she agreed that the audience miss her, she thinks a break is also necessary. She said that sometimes people have to step aside for the newcomers or for others who have already created a name for themselves in the industry. So then, the pause turned into an unwanted long retirement period. However, what she referred to in a strong voice was “the syndicates.” Sharmin think that the media scene here has syndicate issues, which turns temporary retirements from the industry into a complete removal, that upsets her. She added that she consciously stepped down from the visual media industry. However, she did say that, as a professional, she doesn’t want to stay away from singing and poetry recitals. She thought she used her voice a lot and yet, for the same reasons, she took a break. When cheerful Lucky was asked if any experience was needed for anchoring, her smile broadened. Lucky replied that a show anchor is like a sailor who guides the show like a ship to its proper destination. So, the experience does count in every sector of media, not just in anchoring. The more work they do, the more an anchor will learn, which will give confidence and trigger better knowledge of the work. Without accusing the new generation anchors and presenters, Sharmin blamed the producers and several channel owners. She thinks that they are the prime reason presenters have to dress up in a certain way for the camera, which is inappropriate with the show’s theme. She also added in a harsh tone that maybe, not all the channels, but most people running these channels doesn’t know a thing about media. She said: “You don’t just need money to run a channel; you also need to have an artistic soul.” She also talked about the trend of current female news presenters. She questioned why a female, who is not well capable at it, has to be the news presenter everywhere. Even though she thinks females should be anchors and news presenters, but why force to do something they are not good at. Whereas she thinks, if a talented male was given the same opportunity, he could do even better. She blamed the producers, sponsors, channel owners and everyone else. Sharmin thinks a lot of talented people are moving out from the media just because the media focuses on the external beauty, not the talent. Beauty is more in focus in every sector of media, including singing, dancing or presenting. She feels bad about it, whereas she thinks the talent graph was way higher ten years ago. She thinks everything is measured on the basis of a popular face. She even included herself. She questioned: “Why does Sharmin Lucky have to host cooking shows on different channels, and specifically, why must a female host cooking shows.” According to her, men can be cooking show hosts too, and whoever it may be the talent, having the talent and skill is more important. She also added that the person who is talented and experienced has no room for mistakes on stage. She then commented on a recent show that they made a mistake and announced the wrong name as the winner. She also commented about bringing foreign anchors and presenters for no reason. She clearly explained that foreign artists should visit but she doesn’t support bringing or forcing anyone, uncalled or not appropriate to come here.  Whereas, she thinks if younger people of this country are properly groomed, more would become inspired to work in this industry. Sharmin Lucky requests sponsors avoid using known faces and celebrities, since it leaves no room for newer talents to emerge. She also said that overusing the same person for their face value might even hurt the brand, even though she knows it is risky move. She also mentioned that pronunciation must be spot on, not only when hosting or presenting, but for everywhere. She explained how every TV drama or programmes do not always demand an “Aisi” or “Gesi” script. She clarified that RJs are not to be blamed, but contents on YouTube use such language that needs to be cleared out. She explained how we have to set a bar for ourselves. She did say that proper language doesn’t necessarily mean the use of a profound language, but it must at least be mellifluous which doesn’t make listeners uncomfortable. She said: “We do not have to follow TV directors’ script language just because they gained some popularity from it.” Lucky said even RJs are aware and conscious of their language now. She advises everyone to hear everyone’s work and must always stay in a self-grooming process. Even though she is currently on break, the interview with her glossed over her being present and active everywhere, in and outside the media industry. She expressed her desire to establish a school where students will be groomed in every sector of performing arts. She even wants to do something with puppets. She is hopeful and very optimistic about working in the media again. Although she is on a sabbatical from the media for the time being, it makes her smile when she remembers the days at Siddika Kabir’s show, Banglavision’s career show, a musical program with Shafin Ahmed, or when anchoring a 26 episode series titled Chandrabindu directed by Nurul Alam Atik, while dressed as a bride. Her near to heart programmes were special shows on special occasions where she recited poems. At the end of the session, Sharmin Lucky recalled Siddika Kabir deeply and said she follows Nahid Osman and Alpona Habib’s programs with interest. She even thinks the format for cooking shows must change too. She feels that the set for cooking shows must drop and establish a cooking channel on its own. According to her, there is no reason to stay focused on one thing that has gained a lot of popularity since it is irrational. Sharmin announced that she doesn’t want to work in anything that just pops up. She wants to focus on a certain topic and wishes to work, for instance, on the rivers of Bangladesh. At the very end of the interview, she promised with a smile, to return from hibernation soon if she is offered a good project.