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Mahiya Mahi demands extra 3 lakh for schedules

  • Published at 09:22 PM October 09, 2017
  • Last updated at 10:53 PM October 09, 2017
Mahiya Mahi demands extra 3 lakh for schedules

It's not the first time that the producer of the film is dealing with schedule problems of Mahiya Mahi

Renowned Dhallywood actress Mahiya Mahi has reportedly stopped working on the film “Mone Rekho” and demanded an extra Tk3 lakh to continue. Producer Tapshi Faruk of Heartbeat Production has refused meet the actress’s demands.

Tapshi Faruk told sources that he had wanted to release the film on the occasion of Eid, but that did not happen as they were unable to complete the film due problems with Mahiya Mahi’s schedule. This is not the first time that Tapshi has had to deal with the actress’s scheduling problems.

He said: “When I first complained to the Film Directors Association of Bangladesh, they talked to Mahi and the problem was solved. But after that, Mahi was not maintaining her schedule again. We had a deal, but she did not make these demands at that time. She wants Tk 3 lakh and, if not given, she threatened not to act on the rest of the film.”

The producer has now complained to the Cholochitro Shilpi Samiti. “Why would I give her Tk 3 lakh more? Her wages were fully covered the moment she signed on to the film. Now she wants more money for the same schedule. I have informed Cholochitro Shilpi Samiti of all of this. Misha Sawdagor, the president of the association, has assured me that he would look into the matter so that it can be solved.”

The Cholochitro Shilpi Samiti has reportedly called a meeting with Mahiya Mahi on October 11. However, Mahiya Mahi is yet to speak on the matter, as she is currently in Rajshahi shooting for her upcoming film “Mon Debo Mon Nebo.” The actress is also enjoying her recent success in the film “Dhaka Attack,” which hit film theaters last week.

Wajed Ali Sumon is the director of Mone Rekho. Written by Delowar Hossain Dil, the film will also feature Indian actor Boni Sengupta alongside Mahiya Mahi and Misha Sawdagor. Shooting for the film is almost complete, though four songs and five sequences remain.

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