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Shampa Reza: We were told that Avril has to be the winner

  • Published at 09:27 pm October 6th, 2017
  • Last updated at 10:10 pm October 6th, 2017
Shampa Reza: We were told that Avril has to be the winner
Miss World Bangladesh 2017 has shocked many with its repeated and dramatic controversies. First the announcement of Jannatul Sumaiya Himi as winner without considering the judges’ decision, then the declaration of Avril as the winner saying the previous declaration was a mistake, followed by the appointment of a moderator who is not Bangladeshi. Shampa Reza one of the judges of the finale, has revealed what happened at that show. When asked about the controversies around Miss World Bangladesh, Shampa Reza said: “It is my duty to protest against the wrong. I have answered anyone concerned about what happened at the show.” The renowned Bangladeshi model and actress also expressed concerns about the organisers of the show. She said that there was no file on the competitors for the judges to judge. Moreover, she declared that she would walk out if the decision on winner is predetermined and the judges are undervalued. After Jannatul Nayeem was stipped down of her title, Jessia Islam became the new Miss World Bangladesh. Shamapa Reza told the press that she and Bibi Russell agreed on first sight that Jessia had the potential to be a world class model. On the show, someone from authority told Shampa that Avril has to be the winner. To her utter surprise, Shampa Reza found that not Avril but Jannatul Sumaiya Himi had been chosen as Miss World Bangladesh 2017. Later on, that was also altered when Avril was announced as the winner, dismissing the first announcement as a mistake. Shampa Reza also expressed grief over the selection of moderator for the show. She said “Someone from Bangladesh of appropriate ability could have been easily appointed as the moderator of that show. I do not see any point appointing anyone from outside the country.” The famous actress further sympathised with the contestants, who were harassed on the show. “The organisers do not have the right to harass someone in this manner,” she said.   This story was originally published in banglatribune.com