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Syed Shamsul Haque- The unmatched lyricist of Bangla Cinema

  • Published at 07:24 pm September 27th, 2017
Syed Shamsul Haque- The unmatched lyricist of Bangla Cinema
Syed Shamsul Haque, the Sabyasachi poet, has described in many interviews that he never wanted to write songs. Yet, he is one of the most important poets of Bangladesh. Awards like Bangla Academy Award, Independence Day Award and Ekushey Podok show his credentials as a writer. He started writing scripts to support himself when his father died. He was awarded as the best scriptwriter for the film Boro Bhalo Lok Chilo. Gradually, we saw Shamsul Haque taking over millions of hearts through his magic of written songs. The evergreen song, “Hayere Manush Rongin Fanush/ Dom Furaile Thush” still stimulates many of the older generation and new. Andrew Kishore produced the vocals to this song, which featured in the award winning aforementioned film. The number of songs that Syed Haque has gifted us is countless. Another famous song which touched the listener's heart was from Suvash Datta’s film Sutorang, “Tumi Ashbe Bole/ Kache Dakbe Bole/ Bhalobashbe Ogo Sudhu More/ Tai Chompa Bokul Kore/ Gondhe Akul Ei Joshna Raate Mone Pore,” a brilliant combination of Shamsul Haque’s poetry and sense of romance.
Syed Shamsul Haque is one of the most prominent poet, lyricist and scriptwriter in Bangladesh Courtesy
Haque’s writing may have seen its way into the industry owing to some unfortunate events in his life, but for Bangla cinema, it was a Godsend. He changed the dimension of Bengali films through his songs and scripts. From 1956 to 1984, he has written scripts and songs for over 30 films. This was not reserved only for local films. His contributions as a multi-lingual director came to the forefront when he directed the Urdu film Fir Milenge Hum Dono. After Bangladesh’s independence in 1971, his film Ovijan set a new bar for Bengali films through the presentation of new dimensions on the same screen and unique style. After Rabindranath, Haque has proved himself as a truly versatile and powerful in the literary arena. His written poems surpass Rabindranath’s by a greater number. The lyricist has gifted us with a plethora of timeless songs: “Onek Sadher Moyna Amar”, “Tumi Ashbe Bole Kache Daakbe Bole”, “Emon Moja Hoy Na, Gaye Sonar Goyna”, “Porane Dola Dilo a Kon Vromora”, “Pagol Pagol Manushgulo, Pagol Sara Duniya”, which are just a few of the 150 or so songs that pull at the strings of our hearts even as we read the words. On his deathbed, the poet left his last four songs with Andrew Kishore in order that they be properly treasured and brought to the people with all the life and love that they hold. Andrew Kishore will soon be releasing the songs, regardless of having a producer on board, so as to fulfill one of the last wishes that the versatile man, Shamsul Haque had left as part of his legacy.