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A small film with a big heart is making the international film festival circuit

  • Published at 10:27 pm August 28th, 2017
  • Last updated at 05:45 pm August 29th, 2017
A small film with a big heart is making the international film festival circuit
A short film made in Bangladesh is making a big name of itself in the international film circuit. Life in Other Words, directed by Abrar Athar has been nominated for the San Jose International Short Film Festival. The movie has a Wes Anderson feel to it the way it channels nostalgia of growing up. The plot of the movie circles around a day in the Kabir family’s life. The apple of their eye, their son Ronny, once again failed class five and has to repeat another year. Kabir Shaheb wishes the sun would not rise so he can avoid all possible human interaction. Ronny has put the family to shame and Kabir Shaheb feels he can never hold his head up high in society. 2017-08-28- Their daughter Reenu has had enough with her company. She has threatened to quit because the promise of a much deserved pay rise hasn’t materialised. To make matters worse, there are the unending sweaty bus rides full of lecherous men harassing her everyday. It’s almost the end of the month and Ronny’s mother has to be creative about her cooking, considering she has limited resources. She’s making egg curry and khichuri (lentils and rice) for the family. High in calories, low in cost, but leaves the family feeling gastronomically satisfied. While everyone is having a miserable day, Bangladesh is playing a dream final with the game reaching a nail biting last over.