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‘We are not biased’

  • Published at 09:51 pm August 4th, 2017
  • Last updated at 09:53 pm August 4th, 2017
‘We are not biased’
It’s not unusual to find Roadies alumni signing up for and getting into other reality shows, particularly in MTV’s Splitsvilla. This is the tenth season of Splitsvilla and viewers are getting to see former Roadies semifinalist Priyank Sharma and finalist Baseer Ali. This caused more than a few raised eyebrows, and floated the notion that Rannvijay Singha, host and helmsman of Roadies, who also happens to be a host on Splitsvilla is playing favourites and giving easy Splitsvilla entries for alums of the other show. This much is certain – a very visible rift exists between other participants in Splitsvilla, and participants with a reality TV background, a rift that emerged some three seasons back. Former Roadies winners Prince Nerula, Gurmeet Rehal, and Kavya Khurana all went on to win on Splitsvilla, which suggests if nothing else, the Roadies are certainly more popular than other contestants. With Vishal, Varun, Nikhil, Varun Sood, Martinn and now Baseer and Priyank making it into the show, a trend cannot be denied. DSC_4389 Addressing the speculation, Rannvijay, in an interview, said, “We are definitely not biased. The selection process of Roadies is elaborate and intensive. We audition close to 15,000 people and while on the go, we do feel that some of these talents have a spark that deems fit for another show. Ex-Roadies have not only found themselves in Splitsvilla but other MTV shows also, some were even hired as VJs for the channel.” Talking about “real” life after the show for the contestants, the host quipped, “It all depends on an individual. One should have the passion and the want. The opportunity is right before you, how you cash on it, is the big question. You have to be persistent and really hard working. When I moved into the city, I realised a lot of these youngsters have the hunger to succeed and thus helped them find their true calling. Be it Vishal Karwal, Shaleen Malhotra, Prince Narula, Gurmeet Rehal and Varun Sood and more, they have been on their toes and done really well for themselves.” The new season of SplitsVilla is already on fire with romance and love-attacks. The show airs every Sunday at 7pm.