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GD lodged against Indian actor Parambrata

  • Published at 10:52 pm August 2nd, 2017
GD lodged against  Indian actor Parambrata
A general diary has been lodged against the Indian actor Parambrata Chatterjee, stating that the actor is currently working in Bangladesh “illegally”. Gazi Rakayet, member secretary of FTPO, an alliance of 13 television professional organisations, lodged the general diary with Banani police station on Wednesday afternoon. “For the last several years, many foreign artists and technicians have come to Bangladesh with tourist visas and working illegally for Bangladeshi TV channels by taking part in filming or in various technical activities without any work permit or any special permission issued by the respective ministries from both countries. Some deceitful businessmen from the country are assisting them in this,” the general diary reads. An upcoming TV series in which Parambrata played a lead is mentioned in the general diary: “A production company, Kandy Productions Ltd, is curently making a TV series where the West Bengal actor Parambrata Chatterjee is cast without any permission issued by respective authorities from both countries, and will continue working in the future, so far has been learned.” Parambrata will be playing the titular role in the detective thriller series, yet to be titled, based on Satyajit Ray’s Feluda which is currently being made in Bangladesh. Talking about the general diary, Gazi Rakayet, who is also the president of the Directors’ Gulid, said, “Look, this is not against Parambrata, rather it against the whole system. We have been notified that for the past several years foreign artists are coming to this country with tourist visas and have been taking part in filming in front of the authorities. But no one is bothered about this.” “But, we can not go onto working in a foreign country without any work permit. That’s our woe regarding this, and that’s why we raised objections to that system. As a matter of fact, today’s general diary has been lodged in a hope that we would come out from this depraved system.” “Parambrata and others are guests to us. We always want to greet them with open arms. But it has to be within the limits of the law,” he added. Meanwhile, Parambrata posted on Facebook providing updates about the series on Wednesday. He wrote, “And we’ve pulled it off! The Dhaka schedule, the very first initiative of our special season has been kickstarted! Against several odds, biggest of them being time! But with a whole lot of renewed love for our core faith in human endeavour! And of course for the franchise that we’ve started working on! And what a start it’s been! Remembering the day we first started discussing the idea, half a year ago! Super happy and proud of the team! Let’s forge ahead with this spirit, comrades!”