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Who is Pori Moni’s new flame?

  • Published at 02:19 pm July 13th, 2017
Who is Pori Moni’s new flame?
Although much of the gossip surrounding Dhaka’s film industry is about new films or controversy surrounding co-produced films, this time, it is all about Dallywood’s latest heartthrob, Pori Moni. Avid fans have claimed that she has started a new era in life: One which includes journalist Tamim Hasan. On Thursday, Tamim silenced all naysayers by changing his relationship status on his Facebook page from “single” to “in a relationship”. The Dhaka Tribune’s Showtime reached out to a close source of the couple for a quick chat and is now happily able to confirm the matter. According to the source, Pori and Tamim have been secretly dating for almost one year now, but only just decided to disclose their relationship to fans. It appears journalists and artists have much to bond over. Pori and Tamim’s relationship may just bring to mind another such love story from a few months ago: Konal and jounalist Zia tying the knot. On top of being a renowned journalist for a national daily, Tamim is also the host of popular Radio Amar show “Love Guru”. Clearly, his advice is worth listening to. Pori Moni, who started her career with modelling before her big break in 2015 with “Bhalobasha Shimaheen,” is already a much celebrated star, inspite of her relative newness in the industry.
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Her first short film, Rana Plaza, co-starring actor Symon Sadik and directed by Nazrul Islam Khan, was postponed by the censor board. She also co-produced the government funded movie Mohua Sundori, which was directed by Rawshan Ara Nipa. If the jubilation of her many adoring fans, expressed through numerous social media posts, is anything to go by, Pori’s choice has definitely been given the stamp of approval.