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Ex-wife blames Tanjin Tisha for her divorce with singer Habib

  • Published at 10:13 pm July 9th, 2017
  • Last updated at 10:18 pm July 9th, 2017
Ex-wife blames Tanjin Tisha for her divorce with singer Habib
Rumour has it that model and actor Tanjin Tisha, and singer Habib Wahid are in love and have been dating for a few months now. Some even consider the recent development of their relationship as the catalyst behind the dissolution of Habib – Rehan’s marriage. A recent Facebook status from Habib’s ex-wife, Rehan Chowdhury, mentions Tisha, who has recently been in the news for her involvement with a drug dealer along with Piya Bipasha, Piyasha, Sabina and Mithila, as the villain in her life, alleging that she played a key role in their divorce. tanjin-tisha-bangladeshi-model-actress-hd-photo-wallpapers-23In her Facebook status, Rehan wrote, “Piya Bipasha has hurt me. See, it’s been two years and you’ve started getting the results. Now it’s your turn Tanjin Tisha. It will come soon, very soon.” “Bipasha and Tanjin Tisha, both are responsible for the dissolution of our marriage. But Tisha is the one who played the key role. Piya Bipasha has already started getting the results. Now it’s Tisha’s turn. But it’s true that without the consent of Habib, they wouldn’t dare to do so.” She also stated that Habib and Tanjin were in an extramarital relationship, and are living together. In response to Rehan’s allegation, Habib Wahid, who is currently in Australia, posted a status from his verified Facebook page on Sunday. “I am currently in Australia for a concert, but sadly I have to talk about this. I’ve come to see a news stating that Tanjin Tisha is the reason why Rehan and I got divorced. This is not true because it’s not a unilateral matter. My relationship with Tanjin Tisha is strictly my personal matter, and I am not bound to say anything in this regard,” he wrote. “Moreover, it is surprising to me why Rehan has come up with such a statement months after our divorce. If she had to say anything, she could’ve said it earlier, before the divorce. Besides, it is not like I’ve forced her to go through the divorce. So, why bring it all up again?  I don’t see any benefit of either party in all this. This was never expected,” Habib added. Tanjin Tisha, who started her career in the local entertainment industry through modelling in 2011, eventually responded to the allegation. Sharing Habib’s above mentioned Facebook post, Tisha wrote, “I’ve been trying not to talk about this matter, but after seeing Habib Wahid’s status I don’t have much to say. But still, considering Habib’s ex-wife’s allegation against me, I accept that there was a time when Rehan and I had a dispute, but it is also true that we had a good relationship before that. However, I misbehaved with Rehan and apologised for it, while she is wrongly accusing me of misbehaving with her.” “Finally, I want to say that nothing is unilateral and I have proofs, including screenshots. But I don’t believe in such wrangle and hope this ends right here,” she added. Habib, the 37-year-old singer got married with Rehan Chowdhury in 2011. The couple became parents to a son named Alim in 2012, and decided to part ways on January 19 this year. It was not the first time the son of the famous singer Ferdous Wahid tied the knot. In 2003, Habib married Lubayna, but their marriage also came to an end.