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Jeet on Boss 2 controversies

  • Published at 10:55 pm June 14th, 2017
  • Last updated at 12:24 am June 15th, 2017
Jeet on Boss 2 controversies
Disputes have been following Boss 2: Back to Rule, an India-Bangladeshi Bengali crime action thriller film, ever since it has been submitted to the Film Preview Committee of Bangladesh, who has reportedly found an infringement of the rules of joint production in the film. In response to Chalachitra Oikyajot’s appeal, Nasiruddin Dilu, a member of the Censor Preview Committee, confirmed so on June 6, saying, “We have watched the film Boss 2 today morning (June 6). There are things in it that are not in compliance with the rules of joint production. They did not keep a 50 percent artist parity. There are fewer Bangladeshi artists in it. We will inform the Ministry of Information. They will make the appropriate decision.” In a recent press conference at Dhaka Club, the lead actor and co-producer of the film, along with the female lead Nusrat Faria and Bangladeshi co-producer Abdul Aziz, talked about the controversies surrounding the release of the film, among other things. Tollywood star Jeetendra Madnani, who is more commonly known as Jeet, confirmed that there’s no artist disparity in the film, saying, “The story of Boss 2 has been penned keeping the joint production nature of the film in mind. The locations are also depicted in the same manner, while also maintaining a parity between the artists from both sides of the border.” Capture When asked about the allegation of infringement of rules against the film, the lead actor of the joint venture film Boss 2 said, “Actually, I am an actor, which keeps me occupied with my role most of the time. But I have always tried to keep an eye on the production to assure that no irregularities take place in this regard. I don’t think there were any irregularities as such. However, I’ll try to be more careful about these things in the future.” On “Allah Meherbaan”, the controversial item number of the film, Jeet said, “The song has created much of a dispute in Bangladesh, while being praised in Kolkata. As the song became contentious in Bangladesh, it has been removed from Jaaz’s YouTube channel. Although, with a change in the lyrics, the number will ultimately remain in the film, but in case of Kolkata, there will be no changes made to the song.” “The previous film of the franchise, Boss, has done a real good business in Kolkata, which is why we’ve developed the sequel. If the sequel becomes a hit, we’ll go for another instalment of Boss and I want to keep working with Bangladesh. I like working here – the people here are so hospitable, I want to come back to Bangladesh again and again.” In response to the question, why the names of the Bangladeshi directors in the joint venture films are not shown in the trailers made for the Indian audience, Jeet replied, “This simply happens because of the marketing policy we have. At the end of the day, we are here to do a business and that’s why we don’t keep the names of the Bangladeshi directors. Besides, this is also mentioned in our agreement with Jaaz.” The owner of Jaaz Multimedia Abdul Aziz, who also denied the allegation previously, took a more bold approach to express his confidence regarding the release of the film, as he said, “If there’s one movie which will get released this Eid, it’ll be Boss 2. If Boss 2 fails to get released, then no other movie will be released this Eid. Because they will also have to face questions.” Directed by Baba Yadav, the film is a sequel to his 2013 film, Boss: Born to Rule and the second instalment of the Boss film series, which stars Jeet, Nusrat Faria, Subhasree Ganguly, Indraneil Sengupta and Amit Hasan. The film is being produced jointly by the Bangladeshi company Jaaz Multimedia, India’s Jeetz Filmworks Private Limited and Walzen Media Works.