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Xefer joins Aurthohin on stage

  • Published at 10:16 pm February 8th, 2017
  • Last updated at 10:19 pm February 8th, 2017
Xefer joins Aurthohin on stage
Her performance with one of the mainstream bands of the country, which also garnered plaudits from all corners, brought a new direction to the youngster’s musical career. Aurthohin’s frontman and vocal, Bassbaba Sumon gives the mystery away behind Xefer’s collaboration with the band saying that she will be “featured with the band” from now on, on a regular basis. Sumon told Bangla Tribune that, “In some future concerts, the picture will be same like this one with Xefer, she will be performing with the band. It will happen because she joined the band.” “For the time being, Xefer will be present as a guest artist to Aurthohin. We are planning to carry out some concerts together,” he added. Just not with the band though, Xefer gears up to work on a duet song with Bassbaba as well. The single, “Shesh”– Xefer featuring Bassbaba, is set to be released in March. Last November, Xefer finally released her first original track “Judge,” followed by a music video of the song which features some short clip compilation of her fans.