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Sakinar Chandrakala on BTV

  • Published at 07:41 pm December 17th, 2016
Sakinar Chandrakala on BTV

In order to bring special attraction to their programs, a TV drama called Sakinar Chandrakala was aired. It is based on a story by writer Selina Hossain, and Mahfuza Akhter directed and produced. The story is about a middle aged woman named Sakina, who used to deliver babies during the Liberation War.

Sakina understood what she had to do as soon as the Liberation War started. The war that went on for nine months made Sakina recognise the battle within herself. And the day she saw the dead body of her husband, the speechless Sakina realised what she had to do. Sakina's emotions, mixed with the feelings of an internal battle, has been beautifully depicted in this TV drama. She understood that, taking a wrong decision at such a crucial time in her life may make her regret forever. So, she fought back. By seeing the faces of their newly born daughters, who came to this world holding Sakina's hands, the freedom fighters went to fight for their beloved country. The monstrous abuse of the military on Sakina's middle aged body, only made her stronger. Even when the razakars kicked her with their boots, there was nothing that could stop her. Sakina became an inspiration and a role model for the freedom fighters. Sakina's own identity became her biggest weapon. After nine long moths, when the war ended, Sakina's own battle also came to an end. The responsibility of delivering someone's daughter, fell on Sakina's shoulder. But, being a war child, the society refused to accept her. Sakina realised that this was yet another battle, that she had to fight. She accepted the little girl as the prize for her own battle, and declared herself victorious.

Tanvin Sweety acted as Sakina, while Mamunur Rashid, Azizul Hakim and Syed Babu played other major characters in the TV drama. It was aired on BTV after the news at 8pm.