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Prosun Azad gets banned for a year

  • Published at 06:03 pm October 31st, 2016
  • Last updated at 07:41 pm October 31st, 2016
Prosun Azad gets banned for a year
The ban, which is the first of its kind since the organisation was found, stipulates that no member filmmaker is allowed to cast her in any of their TV projects for a year. SA Haque Alik, the general secretary of Director's Guild, said: “Rokeya Prachi, actor and filmmaker, issued a formal complaint against Prosun Azad to the Director's Guild. Moreover, Prosun wrote on a Facebook post, stating mean comments about the TV makers which was absolutely unacceptable. "So, we processed a 'show cause notice' to Prosun Azad. But she did not respond either way for three days after the  notice was issued. “It's normal to have frictions while working together. We tried to solve the problem. But she did not respond. So we had to take strong measures against her,” he added. Responding to the ban, Prosun Azad told Bangla Tribune: “I do not want to work with the Director's Guild. So, it's their headache whether they keep me in their list or not. “I did not get proper respect from Rokeya Prachi as a 'human being'. It's my only regret. She's a renowned actress. I was a fan of her. Not anymore. She just lost a fan,” she added. Earlier, Prosun announced that she wants to make films. When asked about her film prospects now that she is banned, she replied, “I want to be a freelance filmmaker. An independent filmmaker per se, and my works will be released on YouTube.” Weeks back, Prosun was supposed to work in a TV drama, directed and produced by Rokeya Prachi, titled Swapna Sotti Hotey Parey. However, an altercation took place between Rokeya Prachi and Prosun on the sets. Prosun left the set, without taking part in the filming and later wrote a post regarding the topic on Facebook. Eventually, Rokeya Prachi responded to Prosun's post on Facebook. In her post, she demanded that her filming did not take place only because of Prosun, and she was financially disadvantaged. Later, Rokeya placed a formal complaint against Prosun to the Director's Guild.