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AI nano-machine implants will repair human bodies from the inside

  • Published at 04:05 pm October 16th, 2017
  • Last updated at 04:48 pm October 16th, 2017
AI nano-machine implants will repair human bodies from the inside
In just 20 years time, artificially intelligent nano-machines would be injected into the human body to repair bones, muscles or even cells and control their homes using just their minds, reports The Telegraph. John McNamara, a senior innovator at IBM, claimed of such innovation with evidence to the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Committee. He suggested that in just two decades, technology will have advanced so much that scientists could even find ways to effectively “meld” humans and machines together. This would allow a great advancement in human consciousness and cognition. In addition to repairing, the micro technology could also identify abnormalities in cells like cancer and rid them from the body. McNamara said: “These will provide huge medical benefits, such as being able to repair damage to cells, muscles and bones – perhaps even augment them. “Beyond this, utilising technology which is already being explored today  we see the creation of technology that can meld the biological with the technological, and so be able to enhance human cognitive capability directly, potentially offering greatly improved mental, as well as being able to utilise vast quantities of computing power to augment our own thought processes. “Using this technology, embedded in ourselves and in our surroundings, we will begin to be able to control our environment with thought and gestures alone.” On the other hand however, McNamara also warned about the rise of artificial intelligent that may lead to “huge disruption” to those working in retail or service sectors, hence sparking a widespread unemployment.