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DU study looks into the right way to kiss

  • Published at 05:44 pm July 17th, 2017
  • Last updated at 05:49 pm July 17th, 2017
DU study looks into the right way to kiss
A scientific study by Dhaka University, University of Bath and University of Bath-Spa has discovered that people are more prone to leaning towards their right when initiating a kiss. The neuro-psychological study published in Scientific Reports – a wing of the renowned Nature journal – was conducted in Bangladesh to observe the innate psychology of kissing in a country where it is not a public act. When it comes to initiating kisses, 79.6% men were found to be the initiators. Men were also 14.5 times more likely to initiate the kiss compared to women. The research team at Dhaka University picked 51 married couples possessing Bachelor’s/Master’s degrees from a number of social settings – offices, universities, birthdays/weddings of friends and families they knew. The participants were asked to kiss in the privacy of their own homes and separately respond to a number of queries. After all queries were answered, three couples were excluded from further analysis because of “incomplete or inconsistent responses.” Data was collected both from the initiators and the recipients on their observations about both of them during the kiss. During the kissing, 68.75% to 73.96% of the participants were more prone to leaning to their right. Both the initiators and recipients leaned to their right during kissing - spontaneously and responding to their partners. The data analysis was conducted using binary logistic regression (there can be only one outcome from two options). The method could have possibly provided a conservative estimate of the data because of the study topic and research setting. The sample size too is rather small to reflect a much more inclusive picture of Bangladeshi culture and human behaviour. More importantly, the study does not draw sufficient importance to how imperative the research is for understanding human behaviour and how mankind may benefit from it. The study comes in the wake of earlier findings which said people in the West were more prone to lean towards the right when kissing, and people from the Middle East preferred to lean to their left. Why does one culture lean towards one direction and another culture in the opposite direction? Other researchers found several reasons – one being that the direction of reading (left-to-right in English and Bangla, right-to-left in Arabic) may play a pivotal role in how we go in for a kiss.

Here is the full report for anyone's persual-

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