Fakhrul: Prices rising due to corruption by Awami League

All statistics related to GDP, inflation and per capita income are fake, claims the BNP leader

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Friday again alleged that the Awami League men were behind the recent price hike of essentials.

"The prices of rice, oil and onion are going up as the government is indulging in plundering, stealing and robbery. Those who are rising prices are all members of the Awami League and people of the Awami League,” he said.

Fakhrul made the remarks while speaking at a rally in front of the National Press Club arranged by Jatiyatabadi Krishak Dal protesting the soaring prices of essential commodities.

He claimed that the government was resorting to information terrorism to mislead the people as all statistics including GDP, inflation and per capita income were fake.

Fakhrul called upon the government to step down and hand over power to a neutral government for holding a credible election: “Quit power immediately -- enough is enough!”

The BNP and some leftist parties have been holding protests across the country over the price hike of daily commodities and utility services. On Friday, several political parties declared a half-day hartal for March 28.

Fakhrul said that the lower-middle-class, middle and lower-income people became helpless as the prices had gone beyond their buying capacity.

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“The government doesn’t care about anything. Their ministers who dress in beautiful clothes and sit in beautiful places with flowers are making statements about the global food price hike along with our purchasing power," he said.

“The purchasing capacity of those who buy and do shopping in Singapore, Bangkok, Toronto and New York has increased, unlike that of our helpless people, farmers, the peasant, workers and hardworking masses,” he added.

The BNP leader also slammed Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her comment that the prices were shooting up due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. “Isn’t it another lie as the prices started rising much before the war?” 

Fakhrul said that the Awami League government did not care about its criticism since its skin was thicker than that of a “rhinoceros”. “This government is anti-independence, anti-people, anti-farmers and anti-workers. They have no obligation to the people,” he said.

He asked Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader to hold the elections under a neutral government. “Why are you so afraid of a neutral and caretaker government? Awami League is a party of liars, deceivers and traitors,” he observed.