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In the unexplored realm of suicide

  • Published at 11:59 pm February 16th, 2020
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A little attention and care could save someone’s life

Rajib Roy, an aspiring young man beginning his first semester at a private university, made his way back home after enthusiastically participating in the orientation program. His friends noticed nothing unnatural or weird in his behaviour. 

Unfortunately, the next day, he was found hanging from the ceiling fan, having committed suicide. But why? Wasn’t he eager to live? Who doesn’t want to live? 

People do so many things, and sometimes, even resort to something illicit just to survive and retain their life-force. If so, then what kind of force leads them to take their own lives? 

Often people who are about to commit suicide suffer from indecisiveness that arises from a conflict of emotion. The conflict is basically between the kind of emotion that corresponds to suicidal attitude and the emotion that can be related to the keenness to live. When a person with nothing to live for decides to commit suicide, their suicidal emotion overshadows their willingness to live. 

Consequently they feel that they have nothing to live for in their life. But in such cases, people often make mistakes in judging their life, out of desperation and impetuosity.

The psychological mystery behind suicide remains unresolved in many cases. In such cases, one may fail to interpret the exact reason for suicide. Jibanananda Das, one of the most renowned Bengali romantic poets, reflects on the theme of suicide in his poem “Aat Bochor Ager Ekdin,” and eventually makes an attempt to explain why a person commits suicide, leaving behind so many well-wishers. 

People often commit suicide because of some unknown reason that keeps haunting them and instigating them to end their life. But it is mentionable that such assumptions are strictly fictional, not based on any scientific grounds. 

Of course, recent years have seen a spike in the rate of suicide among young men. We will not understand what prompts so many young people -- when their prospects are expected to be the brightest -- to commit suicide unless we consider that they are facing a world that may seem not to have any place for them. 

And they get to know it. They get hurt by the realization that they are not welcome in the world. Such awareness, though a subjective one, often inspires them to take their lives. So many people around us are convinced to end their life’s journey but we remain unaware. But the fact is that a little attention and proper aid could save them. 

If we come to know about someone who is facing such a dilemma, we should try to make them realize what difference his/her loss will mean to his/her near and dear ones. Meanwhile we should inspire them to drink life to the absolute last drop. 

Morshedul Alam Mohabat is a journalist.