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Digital and automated

  • Published at 12:00 am December 22nd, 2019

Automation is the future of global industry

With the seeds of a truly Digital Bangladesh already having been sown by the current government, we are finally seeing that vision come into fruition.

Not limited to our ever expanding coverage of internet, or indeed the expansion of digital infrastructure, Bangladesh is also witnessing a budding revolution in robotics, with a number of our nation’s students making an impact in global robotics competitions.

In the most recent of such events, the 21st International Robot Olympiad held in Thailand to be precise, Bangladesh won a gold, two silvers, six bronze medals, and a technical award.

This is excellent news, not simply because it showcases just how talented and creative our students can be -- enough to shine in an international stage such as the IRO -- but also because it bodes very well for the future of our nation’s industry.

Automation is the future of global industry, and while many developed nations are already in the process of introducing automation into their mainstream industries, it is good to know that Bangladesh will not fall behind in embracing such an inevitable future.

Perhaps the most important sector that can benefit from automation is our agriculture. Bangladesh experiences significant labour shortages around agricultural peak planting and harvesting times, to that end, automating the industry could potentially increase crop yields significantly, and with much more efficiency.

The future is digital and automated, and it is good to see that the robotics revolution is being launched by none other than the youngsters of our nation.