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In honour of our armed forces

  • Published at 12:06 am November 21st, 2019
Bangladesh Army Cadets-Dhaka Tribune

May we always honour and remember those who fought for our independence

Today marks Armed Forces Day in Bangladesh. 

We observe this day in honour of the brave men and women of our army, navy, and air force -- particularly those who fought for, and gave their lives, during our struggle for independence in 1971.

It was 48 years ago, during the Liberation War in 1971, when all three branches of the military came together to fight the oppressive Pakistani regime, initiating a coordinated offensive that would prove to be the catalyst for Pakistan to ultimately surrendering less than a month later on December 16, and Bangladesh to become an independent nation.

While the Liberation War was waged mostly through guerrilla tactics by Bangladeshis in its initial stages, it was much later when our military personnel -- at that time members of the Pakistani armed forces -- decided to coordinate together, leaving behind their original units and fight for the country they wanted.

Today, as Bangladesh is on the verge of achieving historic milestones and taking the next step on its economic journey, our armed forces operate as a valuable component of preserving our democracy.

As a democratic nation with certain values we hold dear, we thank our armed forces for playing their role to preserve our liberties and sovereignty, and to ultimately uphold the will of the people.

May we always honour and remember those who fought for our independence, and may we continue to see our armed forces set an example for all the people of this country.