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Changing life through technology

  • Published at 12:04 am November 1st, 2019
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A new and digitized Bangladesh is emerging

We are living in the age of technology and our lives are rapidly changing due to this. Nowadays, one can’t think of a day without some form of technological assistance. From food to medicine, all services and products are available online. 

Feeling hungry? Just pick up your phone and place an order -- the food will be on its way. Education, transportation, shopping -- all these sectors are significantly changing with the touch of technology.

People becoming habituated with high-end technologies is a very positive sign. Even in rural areas, people are now connected with the world. This has brought in massive change in the e-commerce sector in Bangladesh. 

Customers are buying more on the internet. The payment process is digitized with a unified payment gateway. Easy and convenient ways of payment have been developed and implemented such as QR codes and digital wallet payments. 

In our country, so many start-ups have emerged, attempting to change the life of people using advanced technologies. This technological boom has created new jobs and employment for the people of Bangladesh and the growth of the digital economy is outstanding.

Technology is providing easy solutions for a busy and hectic urban life. More than that, it is connecting us with a new world of possibilities.

In the coming years, technology will play an even bigger role. And with our industry growing, and several apps and websites already developed by Bangladeshi developers, the future too remains promising.  

We can earn foreign currencies through developing life-changing technologies. It can change the remittance scenario of the country.

We have some great young minds around us who are working flawlessly despite different economic, social, and infrastructural obstacles. Though the government is patronizing this digital era, it’s been a huge support for the tech industry of the country.

We can hope for a future when people will get all the facilities through technology. The technology will be used for the development of the underprivileged. Bangladesh will be a change-maker in the global arena of technology. 

Fahim Ibne Sarwar is a freelance contributor.