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Who is rocking the boat?

  • Published at 09:39 pm August 19th, 2019
Who is rocking the boat?
Studying consumer behaviour can lead to a wealth of information Bigstock

How do you test for corruption?

There are a number of crackdowns on corruption currently underway against products various products, leaving an adverse impact on their “reputation.”

This can deteriorate not only the finance sectors of the industry but make the life of the individual being targeted a living hell or heaven in the era when hyper trendy social media experts are everywhere from rural areas to the urban cities.

In Isaac Newton’s bookPrincipia Mathematica he claimed that for every force working in the conjugate is equal and opposite in nature, given there exists a support-base where one of the forces must first be applied.

Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) has launched testsfor the abovementioned products while they lack very simple equipment for testing even the structural dynamic characteristic of helmets that the plethora of ride-sharing services are providing.

BSTI, in addition to the previous 52 products, has recently launched another attack on 22 other products, amidst creating the trendy and capricious hype againstAarong for changing the price of their product -- which perhaps is their right.

When BSTI can’t still do a basic impact test to generate the standard for helmets; without studying, properly analyzing, and understanding how the consumer behaviour has changed over the course of 10 years -- how prudent is it to launch an attack between each other?

Furthermore, all the irregularities which are coming out now and the government agencies are cashing in on at the dawn of the budget session didn’t happen overnight. Instead, it has happened over the course of the previous years.

Millennial consumers in Bangladesh are using social media which undisputedly will rule over everything else in terms of connectivity.Shockingly, a store was fined a certain sum of money for allegedly promoting cigarettes on World Tobacco day which is highly appreciable. It is not known to the public what is happening with this large sum of money the government is collecting from companies.

In the light of the tobacco issue, it is to be noted that Captain Abid, from US Bangla Airways, who crash-landed at Tribhuban International Airport, killing 51 souls on board, along with his co-pilot Prithula, was smoking non-stop during the one-hour flights.

Surprisingly, he lit up the last cigarettes prior to the initiation of the landing approach, while expressing utter sadness and frustration about another female co-pilot in the cockpit, which is highly prohibited according to set standard -- as founded from the black box.

Yet, Imran Tausif, CEO of US Bangla Airlines, refused to accept the mistake and responsibility of the failure while throwing mud at Nepal airport authority. Question is, for smoking which led to the death of 51 people, how much should US Bangla be charged?

Moreover, fighting among each-other only result in loss of the inner country as prudently expressed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

It is evident from the current trend, the fighting between people in this country for the greed of wealth is a deeply rooted one, and end of the day the sufferers are the poor “paddy farmers” or the “rickshaw-pullers” or the “sister” going to school for her child’s education.

Consumer behavioral changes is a paramount factor in “behavioural economics,” and many countries have done intense studies on the changes of consumer behavior, especiallymillennials’behaviour since we are changing the world to a whole different stage.

Did Bangladeshi consumer protection groups perform such studies prior to launching their drive against “corruption”? Bias is natural, but the abundance of products is important to change the interplay of biases towards or for a specific organization.

When Aarong gets handed punitive actions for changing the price of a panjabi, the government is still silent against many irregularities repeatedly conveyed via consumers from home and abroad.

If the public and private sector cannot cooperate and collaborate in harmony, we will keep seeing actions and reaction like that proposed by Newton, while the ultimate sufferer will be the consumers themselves.

Anwar Shadat Jihan an Aerospace Engineering Consultant, founder, and owner, Midwest Engineering Solution Limited Company LLC, based out of Wichita.