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Security in the courthouse

  • Published at 12:02 am July 22nd, 2019
This unattended archway on the supreme court premises is among several security infractions that have been discovered lately Dhaka Tribune

There can be no justice without security

Nowadays, we are living in a society where security matters have become a big concern. On July 15, for example, an accused of a murder case was stabbed to death during a hearing at the Comilla Additional District and Sessions Judge’s court.

This brings up a question: Had the accused brought the knife with him? Either way, how did the appointed security personnel fail to search him properly to see if he was carrying weapons or not?

Despite being the accused of a murder trial, the deceased is a human being. And every individual, no matter what, has the right to live.

In this context, it is the responsibility of the state to ensure the security of the ones inside the courtroom. However, we see that is not the reality as we saw. In the courtroom, whoever present, including the judge, lawyers, officials, and witnesses, had to see this violence.

Such an incident exposes the poor security system. Anyone in that courtroom could have fallen victim to that stabbing. As such, those who were in charge of security cannot avoid their accountability.

There are other countries which have also faced violence in the courtroom. For example, in 2018, a woman was allegedly shot dead by her estranged husband during divorce proceedings in the Durban Magistrate’s Court.

The HC bench of Justice FRM Nazmul Ahasan and Justice KM Kamrul Kader said, during hearing a writ petition, that the police had been negligent in ensuring security on the court premises.

The High Court has rightfully asked about the measures taken to ensure for the security of judges, lawyers, and officials in courts across Bangladesh.

It is quite surprising that the place where people go to for justice has turned into such an unsafe place. It is vital in a peaceful country to ensure that the judges, lawyers, and the judiciary as a whole can work without any threats to life, peacefully. So that they may exercise their prudence fairly and in accordance with the law.

To the end, maintaining the security throughout the court premises and ensuring the safety of judges, lawyers, and court officials should be treated as the first and foremost task of the state.

Also, it would not be improper to keep in mind that violence might occur at any time, at any place. For that reason, appointed concerned security should perform their duty very cautiously.

Besides, taking advantage of the technologies such as X-ray scanners and metal detectors may play a key role in ensuring that no one is entering the courtroom with a weapon.

Hence, the security matter in the court premises should be getting more organized and technologically developed so that security risks can be minimized.

Shahriar Bin Wares is a student of law at North South University.