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When death arrives too soon

  • Published at 12:01 am April 17th, 2019
Dhaka City
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We need some basic security in our lives

“There is no medicine discovered yet that will help you to escape death.” 

These are absolute words. These things are all known to us. But still, we laugh out loud when we hear jokes. We frame grand future plans, and set challenging targets and goals which we plan to accomplish in our lifetimes. 

We go for sudden trips and demand birthday treats from our closest pals. We fight with our siblings, but we also hug them. When it rains heavily, standing by the half-open window, we breathe deep. The splash of rain revitalizes our soul. We decorate our homes and paint our walls during festivals.

Yes, we all know that we will have to leave this world, but we don’t cry all day thinking about death. The CIA World Factbook says the people of Monaco are the longest living (89.52 years on average) whereas the people from Chad live the least (49.81 years). The range of human lifespan is more or less 49 to 89 years. But it seems that all of it can go by in the blink of an eye.

This is the dominant reason why all of mankind loves life. All of us try hard to make the most of these hours with whatever assets and resources we have. In this roller-coaster ride of life, we move up and down all the time. Tears bubble up, and our pillows get wet sometimes. But, at the end of the day, we all love our lives.

Now, loving life does not mean that we do not think about our death. The light from our eyes will go out and everything around will be engulfed in darkness.

No doubt, it is terrifying and horrific, but the fear declines when we get the assurance of a peaceful death surrounded by our dear ones.

The sudden accidental death of a young life does not even appear even in our nightmares.

A father never thinks about bearing the lifeless burned body of his daughter to a graveyard. A mother can never prepare for the sudden loss of her son.

The sub-conscious mind of a human being fantasizes about both life and death. And most interestingly, both these events are “once in a lifetime” experiences. Alone with a secured life, we also dream for a secured death. 

We want to depart from this beautiful world safely. A brand new soul whose eyes are full of hopes and dreams is not supposed to be crushed under the wheels of some cruel vehicle. Neither is a school-going girl supposed to get burned from protesting sexual assault.  

Zuairia Zahra Haq is a freelance contributor.