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Education is the right medicine

  • Published at 11:44 pm January 29th, 2019
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A nation cannot develop without first developing its human capital

We are optimistic and not that hopeless about our nation. However, in order to save our society, we have to apply the right medicine at the right place, and produce quality citizens. 

There is no doubt that quality education can play a substantial role in building a quality nation. For building a prosperous nation in all aspects -- economically, socially, politically, and environmentally -- a quality citizen is an absolute necessity. 

There is no single example of a nation that has become developed without the development of its human capital. The nation that is more morally sound is naturally a more prosperous nation. All the problems of our beloved country can be solved by producing quality citizens.

However, it is very unfortunate that in the 48 years of our independence, we have failed to produce quality citizens. Consequently, our society has witnessed a massive decline in moral and ethical standards in all areas of life. 

Our society is badly affected due to its moral deterioration. As a result, thousands of people are compelled towards becoming rapists, killers, smugglers, and overall immoral. Countless women and girls are being raped, and innocent people are being killed, resulting in countless orphans and widows. Uncountable mothers cry silently. 

I would like to mention that this does not apply only to our young generation but to all groups. Whether ministers or members of parliament, government or non-government officers, teachers or students, intellectuals or commoners, doctors or nurses, businessmen or workers, religious or atheists -- whatever professions we deliberate for their noble contributions in the country’s building, there is a big question that always haunts us: Can we question ourselves on how much quality we have acquired as quality citizens of the country? I know that the answer will inevitably steer us towards a state of steady disappointment.

Some salient instances will make this scenario more vivid. It is often highlighted on social media that sometimes, ministers or secretaries or other influential people of the state do not follow traffic rules and drive through the wrong direction of the road, showing a complete disregard for the law enforcement authorities who are deployed to maintain traffic congestion. 

Today, most of the buses, trucks, and private car drivers shrug traffic laws off; they are happily violating the traffic rules. This audacity of the drivers has been creating terrible traffic jams from dawn to dusk and even beyond in Dhaka. Due to the unhealthy competition on the street, many ill-fated accept their premature and unexpected deaths, and casualties have become an almost daily event. 

So, where is our morality? And where is our education? Here comes the need of a quality citizen to act responsibly on the roads.

Today’s younger generation is on the verge of moral degradation.

They are getting themselves involved in many criminal activities like eve-teasing, raping, drug-peddling, question paper leaking, and others, and even their parents are supporting and helping them in the process. 

Therefore, this is a call to all politicians, policy-makers, regulators, civil society, judiciary, and all stake-holders to come forward, and work together collectively instead of shouting and bickering at the prevailing problems. 

It is never too late, and they should take appropriate steps to save our present and future generations. 

Muhammad Mehedi Masud is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Development Studies, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya, Malaysia.