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A victim of circumstance

  • Published at 02:41 pm December 19th, 2018
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Jose Mourinho’s sacking does not help Manchester United from becoming any better

Sacking Jose Mourinho is nothing to celebrate for Manchester United fans as it demonstrates that this club has serious issues. Two of the most decorated and experienced managers in recent history (Mourinho and Van Gaal) had been given significant resources, and yet, both failed to meet expectations.

Our fan base is getting giddy that younger players will get more chances, and that a new manager will instill more attacking football. I'm interested to see how that will happen when we still have the same defenders and the same midfielders.

Even when their relationship was great, Pogba was churning out inconsistent performances -- do we think that he will suddenly stop losing possession in dangerous situations, or improve his finishing? 

Will Lukaku suddenly get better in his first touch, and will Martial be able to deliver back to back solid performances? Will Bailly, Lindelof, or Rojo suddenly eliminate all the mistakes from their game? Will Smalling suddenly learn how to pass out from the back? We still have two converted wingbacks at full back.

The reason Mourinho created such a toxic atmosphere within the club was because he wanted to win. At all costs. But his players were not good enough to win. Had they won more games, he would have been far happier. Had Pogba delivered according to expectations, he wouldn't be in the dog house.

When this team continues to lose under new caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær, are we all going to be happy, just because he tried to attack more, while his defense is shredded into bits? Will it be all okay because Solskjaer will smile, instead of Mourinho complaining?

Manchester United fans often complain that the media is anti-United, and yet it was the Manchester United forums and Facebook groups which have been breeding grounds of utter toxicity for the past few months, with so-called supporters being far more cynical about the state of the club than even the most vicious and vengeful opposition fans. 

I think a lot of the club issues are because of the entitled and unreasonable demands of our global fan base. They were completely spoiled by Sir Alex Ferguson, and now believe they have a divine right to be served exhilarating football performed by young players every single game.

They sneer and refuse to praise at being FA Cup runners-up, or coming second in the league -- demanding trophies like they demand hot dinners.

And when it doesn’t happen in the ridiculously short time span that they demand, they moan, and very quickly make a manager’s position untenable. Rinse and repeat. Is that going to change if we get Zidane or Pochettino? If so, why didn’t it for Moyes, Van Gaal, or Mourinho?

Any new manager needs to be backed for the long term -- trusting him when the club is going through lows. I don’t think it will happen, else we wouldn’t have churned our way through three managers in just over five years.

Toffael Rashid is a global marketing professional.