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A speaker for the blue wave

  • Published at 05:48 pm November 29th, 2018
Nancy Pelosi
Can she hold the Pentagon accountable? REUTERS

Does Nancy Pelosi represent the old politics of favours and loyalties? 

“Elected by the whole of the House of Representatives, the speaker acts as leader of the House and combines several roles: The institutional role of presiding officer and administrative head of the House, the role of leader of the majority party in the House, and the representative role of an elected member of the House. The speaker of the House is second in line to succeed the president, after the vice president.”

What was the essence of America’s blue wave? The American people want representation that reflects the people and their values. This means Americans don’t want human values to be displaced by special interest groups that can provide a donation which would take the place of 10,000 voters or more. 

In this blue wave, people provided small donations to grassroots organizations that helped elect candidates who refused to take money from PACs or special interest groups. What does this mean? The speaker of the House should reflect the values of human rights over corporate rights. 

In Congress, the word bipartisan has come to mean the corporations win; that human rights has to be secondary to what the corporation needs. Our planet is dying.

The situation is perilous.

America can no longer afford to be bipartisan because they are indeed united around some basic human values -- universal education, health care, child care, living wage, addressing climate change, making voting fair and easy like receiving a social security card, reforming the criminal justice system, respecting women right to choose, respecting the right of the LGBT to be a fully included member of state, and country. 

In taking a look at Nancy Pelosi’s record in representing three districts from California over the course of 21 years, we see that her legislation was mostly around the needs of groups who supported her campaign rather than a pro-active review of the country, the state’s direction, and what sort of legislation would help people, state and country thrive. 

Is this what the blue wave represents? 

If the American people did not push for #MedicareForAll or #15dollars minimum wage, establishment politicians like Nancy Pelosi would still believe it to be against bipartisanship to demand some basic human rights supported by the immense wealth generated by Americans. 

Now, consider, the audit the Pentagon just failed -- about $21 trillion missing. Can you imagine how much money that is? It may be enough for all American to have universal Harvard educations, health care, child care, and even paid maternity leave for the first two years of a child’s life. 

Is Nancy Pelosi the leader who can hold the Pentagon accountable for this gross failure? Does she represent the blue wave or old politics that work around favours and loyalties? 

Shireen Pasha is a contributor.